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Main exchange of P2P “AdWords” for native advertising with opinion leaders

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Denis Shayahmetov - CEO & Founder

Askar Abildaev - PM

Vicky He - Regional Consultant (Asia)

Vladimir Koveshnikov - Marketing & Product Development

Michael Belyakov - English speaking segment supervisor

Anna Kozlovskaya - Legal

Nikolay Yakovlev - Data Scientist

Inna Rudaya - PR manager

The global native advertising market is now in active growth. European advertisers’ costs will reach USD 13,2 bill by the year 2020. In 2015 these costs were USD 5,2 bill. 

The native advertising market with opinion leaders is in initial growth now. This market’s members still do not have universal rules of the game, growth points still have not been found, and active competition takes place. The quality of advertising with bloggers still does not have certain standards, so the advertising process cannot be automated in classic marketplaces / exchanges . Advertising with bloggers is possible on all social networks, but real results can only be reached on blogger-oriented social networks such as YouTube, Twitch, LiveJournal etc. At the same time, popular networks such as Facebook and Instagram try to put up obstacles for p2p advertising. There is a main barrier between advertisers and the mass market – low quality of advertising with bloggers and high costs. technology and initiatives, thanks to training and effectiveness monitoring, are able to increase the quality of advertising with bloggers and the cost depends on this quality.

Blogging is a profession. If a blogger possesses unique knowledge and is ready to share it, the decentralized producers community organized by will help them to get all the necessary skills as a blogger. possesses unique non-public data available from several social networks about specific bloggers of interest. The external technological start-up selects the best blogger or controls advertising effectiveness, whilst at the same time the public API of provides access to the data and services market. A successful blogger’s audience is international. The open-market and public instruments allow international companies to buy advertising from opinion leaders (bloggers) from any country and pay for it easily with QZ. International agencies may organize advertising campaigns with opinion leaders from any country.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Efir wants to bring innovation to the advertising market, focusing on the bloggers and internet influencers which has become much more effective way to showcase and push products and services than regular ads. With their communities of thousands of fans and supporters they are much more trustworthy for the customers therefore more reliable when offering products. A marketer gets an access to a database of various bloggers and can easily set up campaign details with them and set up the deal through the ecosystem. The platform offers features not only for advertisers and bloggers but also it-services, media specialists, qz-investors and whole agencies. For example, media specialists could offer bloggers workshops or lessons to improve the advertising quality, as today's internet allows anyone to become a star without even going out of his own room. The platform would allow them to increase the quality of content and advertisement while working in a professional team. Open API will allow developers to build services based on the ecosystem. The token will act as the main mean of payment to power all of the transactions. All the projects, including the ones launched by Efir or those that have joined through the open API, generate the demand for tokens. Efir starts only those projects that generate this demand. The site design, as well as the content of whitepapers and other documentation is on a very high level and provides all of the necessary information making it not only easy to research the project but also encouraging.

User Review

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lplucio930 june 2018, 02:25

I believe that Efir will bring the era of advertisement to a whole new level.
With Efir, the advertisement will be able to be filtered by the blogger, here a blogger offering a space for an advertisement to used it.

applecolla05 june 2018, 16:44

I believe that Efir will bring the era of advertisement to a whole new level.
With Efir, the advertisement will be able to be filtered by the blogger, here a blogger offering a space for an advertisement to used it.

TheGod05 june 2018, 14:06

Your project sounds really interesting

swater11104 june 2018, 15:18

Great idea! I follow this project! I believe that such projects can bring real profits to their investors. The world does not stand still and advertising has always been and will be one of the leading markets. And bloggers have long been turned into a popular way to distribute this advertising.

Afalina060904 june 2018, 11:42

Great platform with lots of different opportunities for bloggers and companies. Very user-friendly and understandable. I get answers to various questions quickly, which is very rare and valuable)). )

Maria Morozova04 june 2018, 11:28

So glad I came across this impressive project with a clever concept! I have never seen any similar platforms. Looking forward to seeing the results. Good luck to the hard-working team of people behind Efir!

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