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EcoBit is blockchain digital crypto token

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Smart contract blockchain




Ambassador (R) Dato' M. Redzuan Kushairi - Technology Advisor

Ambassador (R) Dato C.H. Saw - Policy Advisor

Dato' sharil tarmizi - Legal Advisor

Tang Too Siah - Board Advisor

Aaron - Multimedia & Branding

Lon Wong - Blockchain Advisor

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

EcoBit is a blockchain based technology company which has the ambitious 30-year plan to protect the environment and improve the world. It is based on NEM blockchain and aims to provide a healthy living, high return, and a greener future and is backed up by the Malaysian government and the United Nations. They want to create few projects such as Spirulina Farming, Aquaponic Farming, Eco Sanctuary and more, which will contribute to green initiatives, environmental sustainability, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle all done in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. EcoBit rewards users for holding their tokens, as it's based on a PoS system, where the system will rewards EcoBit owner with bonuses when they keep their EcoBit more than 6 months. The team consists of well-experienced people so the overall team evaluation positive and the website is greatly designed. The whitepaper is well thought and presented.

User Review

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Indie_204 may 2018, 14:09

A green blockchain smartcard project for a healthy living is what the project aims to be and it has been succesfull in acheiving that till the current time and is also backed up by the malaysian government and the united states which I think makes it even more attractinve to the investors. The team has been excuting the prject really well and the project is really great in all the aspect. I would definitely would love to be a part of the ICO.

Phil.il15 august 2017, 19:50

Noble, environment-friendly idea, but how poorly executed.

They basically wanted to create a database to neatly do all the accounting and tracing of their eco products. That's all. And as we are now learning, blockchain technology is getting more and more used just because of it - simply storing and keeping neatly and always accessible with fair transparency, making the company look better for the public opinion. It's a revolution in data storage. On the other hand, this project is not a revolution. But if they just want to store their data on a blockchain, can we blame them? The design is pretty bad, the site is buggy and most links doesn't work so it's hard to get more information. Let them use it for their own convenience, but it's not a good investment or token worth holding.

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