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The Next-Gen Collaboration Platform for Software Development and beyond

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Alex Kozlov - DoLead, DoCode

Nikita Rams - DoCode

Sergey Chmilenko - DoDesign

Nataliya Kozlova - DoPromote, DoSupport

Dmitriy Dolinin - Software Engineer

Mike Sorokin - Project Management

Renat Zakirov - Frontend Developer

Alexey Pavlyukov - Backend Developer

Daniel Savinov - Community Manager

Elizabeth Lebedeva - Community Manager

Arina Karpova - Graphic Designer

Dmitry Mokhov - Community Manager

Nikita Kozlov - Community Manager

Kate Mudarisova - Community Manager

Arthur Matevosyan - Community Manager

Artem Bolotov - Community Manager

Dogezer is a platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative projects, with the ability to use project specific tokens to reward results and incentivize collaboration. Our Alpha Version of Dogezer is LIVE! Try it out yourself -

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Dogezer aims to allow anybody to invest literally with what they have. It doesn't necessary mean money. They focus on the fact that projects under development need lots of various types of support and you can become an "investor" by helping them in particular tasks depending on what skills or possibilities you have. Dogezer platform seems like a complete tool, where a project's idea can be born, then planned, managed, programmed, developed and execute. The platform combines many popular features that are already liked by the developers, as well as popular ideas from platforms like GitHub, Google Docs, Slack, as well as messaging apps, cloud storages, servers and databases. The idea itself, as well as the design and technical part all seem to be quite good and possibly successful.

User Review

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IcoLord18 september 2017, 14:15

Great concept, will definitely keep checking their progress, looks like an interesting project which can be used as a great alternative to the whole ICO concept. Why would you even do ICO, if you can just do the same using their platform without any risks? Dev has a clear idea of what he does , same as their team. Keep working guys, doing well so far.

Mials17 september 2017, 13:49

Dogezer project remind me the dogecoin. Perhaps this project launched could bring up the value of dogecoin in market. I am expecting on it. The design of website is attractive as well as the animated video is practically show up the protocol of platform. You can check it here. This concept of project is innovation and I would expect this project could be further development. It will be interested for me to invest with little money for viewing its development of business module.

Leonardo F.16 september 2017, 14:20

I find this project quite innovative. They want to create a platform when you can support particular project and "earn" some shares and profits from it by helping developing this project. They give the users set of tools and programs so that they can contribute to the project. The good description of them would be something like investing your time and skills instead of money. I think this is a good idea, as there are many skillful people that would like to support in some way promising projects but they simply have no funds to do so. That way they can help them directly.

little_marmaid616 september 2017, 00:15

I really like this site's design. It not only looks good, but also has a lot of useful information. I'd even say that they should be an example of how ICOs information site should look like.

I'm not so sure about the aim and the platform personally, but what I think isn't that important. I feel that they can succeed in what they aim for and the sole idea is indeed interesting and maybe there will be a lot of projects that will start using other people's help instead of asking only for money. It's always something new to try out.

Tissue is the issue15 september 2017, 04:00

So they aim to change the regular investing with money into "investing" with your own work and help with executing the project directly. I find this idea quite interesting, however I'm not sure if they will be able to execute it how they want, as there can be people that can be malicious and attack the project instead of helping, and if they have to work on some part of the project they need to be accessed with some information or get some important files. Can people be really that trusted?

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