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Digital Developers Fund


Invest in digital assets

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Michael Marcovici - Managing Director

Davies Guttmann - Asset Manager

Dave Appleton - Technical Advisor

Marco Rodzynek - DDF Advisor

Andras Kristof - ICO Advisor

Gaurang Torvekar - Technical Advisor

Domain Developers Fund (DDF) arose in 2010 on the Cayman Islands. It owns over 1,350 premium domains, e.g.,,, and DDF gives its supporters a possibility to participate in digital stock of crypto-money, or DNS. Nowadays DDF became not “Domain”, but “Digital” and gets funds with the help of ICO that increases its capital allocation. 

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

Digital developers fund offers the investor to invest in high growth digital assets such as domain names and cryptocurrency. It is a fund to invest in digital assets and is designed to decrease the risks and profit from drastic growth in the space. The team consists of experienced members. The roadmap seems practical and the web design is minimal with just the amount of required information.

User Review

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themainman21 august 2017, 12:24

Digital Developers Fund (DDF) is an investment fund tend to let digital investors participate in the extraordinary growth in domain names and crypto currencies.the project tend to raise $2000000 in initial coin offering which is to last for 30 days until all token has been sold.
50% of net profit is distributed to investors
DDF Tokens are transferable
the investment plan is very long dividend will be pay by ending of september
ETH payment only
ERC20 supported wallet only
cost of gas limit is a bit high

Herlina17 august 2017, 11:30

This great project...
DDF is a fund focused in investing in high growth digital assets, the advantages:
1. Established Track Record
The fund has an outstanding track record investing in the domain industry. DDF currently holds over 1,350 premium domains such as, Audit(s).com, and
2. High Growth Investment
DDF invests not only in well established currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but also in upcoming crypto currencies and ICOs.
3. Secure & Transparent
Security, risk management and transparency are key differentiating factors in a digital fund. DDF has a proven track record of managing investments in a safe and reliable way.

The disadvantages Digital Developers Fund (DDF),
With a aim to raise close to $ 90 million dollars via an ICO, if successful, this can be one of the biggest capital raised via crowd funding for an investment fund. And without doubt with some marquee team this ICO is bound to gain lot of traction.
But my concerns are different. As more and more Investment Funds & Hedge funds are turning to ICOs to raise capital that brings the whole growth of crypto currency ecosystem to a full circle. It was because of the non-responsible investment decisions of banks, hedge funds and asset management portfolios the 2008 financial crisis happened. And because of that to give the power of financial value to common man rather than corporates, Satoshi developed the trust-less based blockchain platform and bitocoin crypto-currency system. But today the same financial sector is looking to raise via ICOs and crypto currencies for much needed liquidity as the growth in the traditional markets seems to have become slow.

Glory9016 august 2017, 10:36

DDF is a fund focused in investing in high growth digital assets such as domain names and crypto currency. DDF holds over 1,350 premium domains such as,, or

Very few ICOs can give such a great opportunity to be part of a investment fund which is specialized in investing in digital assets. With seasoned management team and experienced asset manager DDF is trying to bring the traditional fundraising of an IPO via an ICO. The same thing can be viewed through their investor prospectus which is mature in highlighting their strengths and also the areas they want to grow. And also in form of the ICO though they are not giving people a stake in their fund but surely by providing dividends and quarterly reports they are giving a stake in the growth of DDF.

Digital Assets are a unique asset class. With high risk, high barriers to entry.

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