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A blockchain computer with unlimited capacity, incredible performance and algorithmic governance, shared by the world — Cloud 3.0

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Smart contract blockchain




DOMINIC WILLIAMS - President & Chief Scientist

TIMO HANKE - Head of Engineering

BEN LYNN - Senior Staff Scientist & Engineer

ANDREAS ROSSBERG - Senior Staff Scientist & Engineer

MAHNUSH MOVAHEDI - Senior Researcher and Engineer

MARTIN BECZE - Virtual Machine Research

PAUL LIU - Staff Engineer

SHIGEO MITSUNARI - Staff Cryptographer

ENZO HAUSSECKER - Senior Engineer

DFINITY is a public network of client computers providing a "decentralized world compute cloud" where software can be installed and run with all the usual benefits expected of "smart contract" systems hosted on a traditional blockchain

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

Dfinity aims to work as the future of cloud computing by providing a computer which is self-governing, unbounded, performant and is based on the blockchain technology. They want to create a blockchain supercomputer designed to host the next generation of software — Cloud 3.0 It will help comapanies reduce the human capital needs leading to decrease in the cost of enterprise IT system. It attempts to eradicate all the speed and capacity limitations for businesses. The team behind the dfinity has worked together on a previous project and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website had decent design. The roadmap seems basic and the whitepaper has been planned wisely.

User Review

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Nine_cloud120 may 2018, 22:31

Providing a blockchain based computer is what dfinity aims to provide which I think is a moderate idea which would attract some of the investors. The team behind the project is considerably okay, the website according to mee could be better and is poorly designed. The roadmap and whitepaper don't seem to have been well-planned. Overall the project, in my opinion, is not good enough to be a good investment option.

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