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DentalFix is a blockchain company for Dental clinics

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Anton Borisov - CEO

Sergey Safronov - Co-founder, Sales director

Alexey Borisov - Co-founder, Dentist

Denis Satyukov - Lead developer

Polina Fadeeva - Sales manager

Alex Chernyshev - Logistics

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

No doubt that once blockchain will be extended to the medical industry including in dentistry. And the DentalFix project offering its own solution in this area could become one of those who would contribute to this process. Behind this ICO is a really existing SaaS company that works in the same direction and already has a profit judging by the information available on the site. They have an excellent team of specialists who understand both in digital technologies and in medicine, which is important. However, it is worth noting that the use of blockchain in the concept of the project is not entirely clear. It creates the feeling that the company simply decided to either get PR on a popular thing or earn money, but there is nothing to explain the need for blockchain in the project at the moment.

User Review

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thesmallboy14 august 2017, 11:18

generally the platform is great. alot of support from partners. i think investing in health services is on the rise. alot to people globally travel for health related issues. the token sales if fair and discount is huge. i will think investing with 100 waves. i believe this will be a successful investment and recommend others to join. cheers. i am giving five star

j.bob213 august 2017, 11:37

The idea of blockchain technology being used in health care is really good and one day will probably be normal, but this project isn't the one to make it. They don't seem to really know how to use the blockchain. The design of the site promoting this project isn't the best also, it looks pretty amateur. It also bases on the hope that there will be many hospitals that will want to use it, which probably won't happen and a patient will end up being able to use his dental history only in one particular place.

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