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Tokenizing mobile data industry

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Smart contract blockchain




Tero Katajainen - CEO & Founder

Mikko Linnamäki - Co-Founder

Andreas Vollmer - Co-Founder

Ville Sundell - Smartcontract Specialist

Michael Wirth - Director Payment Systems

DENT Wireless LTD appeared on the market in 2014, Hong Kong. Its founder, Tero Katajanen, created Commando Coder Ltd product . He made an automatic market system better by adding risk management feature into technology. DENT market environment includes individual parts of program allows customers to get, sell or share mobile data packages in here. This year all founders of DENT united in order to develop its market place.

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Mr. Anderson30 august 2017, 09:33

Dent of course will fill a needed space for trading mobile data without any intermediary, this can be the start of several digital goods to be adapted into the blockchain, only advice is that 1 DENT should worth 10 or 100 MB of data since no one will purchase 1 MB.

cryptoMan29 august 2017, 14:52

Excellent practical idea and a mind blowing facts based on statistics. I was shocked to know that data packages are re-sold and the Telcos make billions of money. That one fact alone is quite good enough to go with the DENT approach for commodotizing the mobile data plans. I strongly believe that this is the way to go forward.
But people and investors are skeptic about whether DENT team will be able to persuade the big TELCO players.

alphaeus28 august 2017, 13:58

Great idea and a good use of crypto coins for a fast exchange of data! I think the key to success is the collaboration with telcos as there is a definite need for a better experience concerning data when people travel! This hassle needs to stop and Dent has definitely a solution in their hand to make it stop.

mr-panda28 august 2017, 12:45

DENT, as soon the system is live and working, will solve one of my most common problems. When I travel I have to buy a new SIM-Card in each and every country, to get some GB's of mobile data. This is time consuming and sometimes realy expensive. Therfore I invested into DENT and wish the project to succeed. I will be an early user on the Android Plattform for sure!

themainman17 august 2017, 13:43

dent is providing a platform where blockchain technology is being used in purchase of mobile data. this will enable over 500 million mobile user to purchase data. the platform which will be available in both web and mobile application (IOS,Android) will contain the User's wallet for DENT Tokens and it will also have an easy-to use user Interface for buying, selling and donating data packages to other users. the management team consist of blockchain specialist, developers, marketing and strategist planners.

US citizens are not allow to partake in token sales

01010113 august 2017, 21:12

I find this idea really interesting that one could send his mobile data that he won't be able to use and will just waste away to someone needing it. There are many enormous data packages that the user pays for monthly but is unable to use all. With such a platform he can get some of his money back, maybe sell some free bonus data and force big companies to think their prices over as it will create a whole new market with most probably much cheaper mobile data.

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