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A blockchain-based virtual reality world

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Ariel Meilich - Project Lead

Esteban Ordano - Tech Lead

Manuel Araoz - Board Member

Yemel Jardi - Board Member

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. If you describe the concept more simply, it's something like the one in the movie Matrix, but of course not in such a bad way. Some virtual space is being created, which is also a platform like iTunes from Apple, only for virtual applications. And unlike other platforms, this will be decentralized, so you can expect that there will be no commissions of about 30%, like in existing solutions, and the authors of good applications will be able to take almost all of their profits, which certainly sounds attractively. You can purchase land through the Ethereum blockchain, creating an immutable record of ownership. No one can limit what you build there. The team behind the project has previously created projects like Streamium and Bitcore.

User Review

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coindata15 november 2017, 23:29

I invest on ICO, they have shutdown website... i write about that XX emails to different emails on theyr social sites and they absolutelly ignore me! I pay BTC and until today I dont have no mana or money back.

Herlina17 august 2017, 18:56

This good project, the project aims at solving centralization problems of platforms, which host gaming and other applications. As you know, different platforms ask for high fees to enter the market, they also have strict policies which don’t give a chance to many applications to enter the market. Decentraland wants to change this situation and invite everybody to their platform.
The market of VR will be a huge market with a lot of players. Many gaming companies will try to be the best at accommodating appearing VR customer base, and it gives a chance for Decentraland to cover this market early and be the best in it.

The disadvantages Decentraland: there is no financial strategy shown on white paper.

dlorah16 august 2017, 12:39

This reminds me of second life. Also some VR world but it was centralized. It's would be fun to walk around in a world wich has nothing. To build your own casino, where you can earn tokens. Build a city you like. It's SIMS and Sim City combined with a VR sauce. I think this will be big so get your tokens while you can.

Glory9015 august 2017, 15:23

Decentraland will create a virtual reality platform, where users will be the main owners, creators, and players. Basically, they create a Second Life-like world which will be decentralized and owned by users.


1. Team certainly has experience in blockchain technologies. They are able to deliver on that part.
2. There is already a working prototype which can be tested by anyone. A new vision for VR.
3. VR market is soon to become the most important one in entertainment industry, better catch this train!

1. There is certainly lack of experience in gaming industry in the team. It is very important to have that kind of expertise, so I hope they will hire only the best in that area after the initial coin offering.
2. There is no financial strategy shown. I would like to know how exactly they are going to spend money.
3. Finally, decentralized technologies are not that developed right now to handle games. But, I can see that changing pretty soon. Good luck to the team, I believe in you and in VR market!

facebookbtc14 august 2017, 16:28

This 3D virtual reality is promising. The advantage of using land and mana as tokens is related to the real world properties that sounds great. It is advantages are for those who loves buildings or architectural works. The disadvantage is the time Iron Age is in 4th Quarter but it's not even handled the marketing strategies correctly as it to trash can when it was in a signature campaign.

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