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Derivatives Exchange powered by Ethereum

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Smart contract blockchain




Frank Bonnet - Founder and lead developer

Hansco Leek - Service Manager / Entrepreneur

Corben Leek - Entrepreneur / Systems Engineer

Arliw Neatprom - Software Engineer

DCORP is an independent, decentralized company which is based on blockchain as set of smart-contract. Organization created its own DRP-token Joining DCORP is possible with Ethereum account. Any person can become there a shareholder or contributor anonymously.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Dcorp is a blockchain company which aims to democratize the world of venture capitalism and has the stock markets on the blockchain. Its goal is to create a future where traditional stocks and all types of currencies are represented by Ethereum blockchain's tokens. They have DRP tokens so that they can create an economy located entirely on the blockchain. The team members have past experience and an experienced entrepreneur and the overall team evaluation is positive. The web design is very simple which is a great thing.

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