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World decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content

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Smart contract blockchain




Nursultan Aliev - Founder,developer (back-end)

Erlan Akmatov - Co-founder, blockchain developer

Rafael Salakhov - UI/UX designer

Azat Ruziev - Project manager

Chynara Erkulova - Business marketing

Ulukbek Satylganov - Developer (frond-end)

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Vikings are not extinct boy01 september 2017, 13:59

There is a huge need for any place that allows user to trade items and content in general while being anonymous. Nowadays, mainstream companies demand a lot of information from users and it's quite dangerous for someone to know everything we buy and where we live, as well as our credit card information. This platform can act as a general marketplace for everything to be purchased and sold there. I'm not talking about goods, like a tv or new t-shirt, but various digital content like music, comics, animations or videos and services. It will essentially work like an Amazon, Fiverr or freelancer site, checked true news or media place and everything in one place and to be purchased with one token. I really like this idea.

Trader_II30 august 2017, 00:15

I like the addition they introduced to a general buying and selling platform, as users can get some rewards and profits form performing a various acts based on the ''role'' they take. You can ''work'' and provide the items with proper and technical description, or make sure the information provided by the seller is valid and true. This will make sure that everything is of quality and is also true and not faked or manipulated. I like when a platform encourages users to be a part of the developing part.

F0124 august 2017, 13:37

They want to create a marketplace platform, where people will be sure of what goods they buy. It's a good feature, as there are a lot of scams and fake products often sold on the Internet. Blockchain usage will surely allow us to feel secure. Not only the product is secured and proved, but also our identity as everything can take place anonymously. There won't be any big companies looking into what we spend our money on.
The site looks quite good, and all the information is clearly accessible and easily explained.

mythy7016 august 2017, 22:59

Daseron, as you might expect, is based on the blockchain. The Daseron platform involves an internal economy developed on the basis of an anonymous content sale from any point in the world. The blockchain creates a trustless environment where users can do business.
And, like other blockchain technologies, Daseron facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies to minimize costs across the board. Users enjoy fast transactions, low fees, and trustless mechanisms that make the organization self-regulating.

Specifically, Daseron self-regulates using block and intellectual contracts, “eliminating influence and necessity for the traditional centralized authorities, which were ineffective and controlled big powerful outer sides

Doe-115 august 2017, 12:05

They aim to create a closed ecosystem, with people exchanging and selling various type of content. With an easy, secure for both seller and buyer way, and also to ensure everyone's anonymity. There is also this whole emphasis on various media content, and means to easily fact check information and be able to safely get it no matter where you are, so people from manipulated countries will be able to get real information about what's going on if this is the case.

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