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Blockchain protocol for gambling

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Smart contract blockchain




Ilya Tarutov - CEO

Konstantin Lomashuk - Protocol architect

Alexander Noxon - CTO & Platform development

Alex Kirillov - CFO

Ksenya Bellman - Business development

The main reason of creating and developing of DAO.Casino is to exclude people interfering into the casino socio-economic structure. This program makes it possible for participants to take a part and to have a fair repayment. 

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Herlina17 august 2017, 13:25

After reading through their white paper and checking their github page and founders I found that out of their initial team only 2 had been active developers in github from 2012 others who were part of the github repo only either started from Dec 2016 or early 2017. Much of the preparatory work for the protocol and a sample prototype which they call MPV started in early 2017.

The disadvantages Dao. Casino, There is a high chance that the given project may fail and investing such high sums ($25,000,000) for initial round for a protocol doesn’t seem to be right but rather a ploy like many ICOs of today who rather prefer to raise easy capital from ICOs than proving their worth in front of VCs.

Glory9016 august 2017, 12:31

Good idea

DAO.Casino is a decentralised public system for gambling industry — It consists of
a) an automated value distribution protocol acting as an mechanism of incentives and expressed in a system of Ethereum contracts
b) a system that is capable of providing equally unpredictable pseudorandom numbers for the games.

The white paper is well thought and shows considerable knowledge of how online casinos work at technical level and talks about other competitors involved in Decentralized gambling based on Ethereum platform. Also their treatment about their protocol and how they want to implement their protocol was one of the most technically mature content than I have read in any other whitepaper.
The team has good communication channels.

Disadvantages: is creating a protocol for decentralized casino and gambling apps but my biggest contention is they even do not have successful application like trueflip. Also as an application platform their plan to create an application to access their Blockchain like open bazar looked like a non starter to me.

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