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First blockchain platform for modeling industry, which operates as an intermediary between service providers and customers

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Smart contract blockchain




Nikita Yakubovskyi - CEO and Co-Founder

Glib Yemelyanov - CFO and Project Lead, Co-Founder

Nikolas Verano - COO

Nestor Dubnevich - CLO

Anastasia Lieberman - Operations Manager

Denys Kostenko - CMO

Antonio Sviridov - Chief Blосkсhаіn Developer

Ahmad Roda - International Sales Director

Mykhailo Svyatenko - Chief Analytics Officer

Ernestas Paznekas - Senior Blockchain Developer

For the customer, CRYSTALS is a modern, safe, and user-friendly website plat- form offering one of the biggest and up-to-date models’ catalogs. CRYSTALS runs a unique double-authorization payment system based on the CRYSTALS token (CRS) that allows customers to pay securely, privately, and quickly for all services listed in the CRYSTALS ecosystem.

For the service providers, on the other hand, CRYSTALS is a best-in-class distri- bution channel and data analysis facility that will act as an ideal partner for both modeling agencies and individuals, providing them with free-of-charge access to a global customer network and modern platform. A CRYSTALS commission will be charged once a transaction has been successfully executed, requiring confirmation from both parties.

The project ecosystem is based on our CRS Token, which is the only accept- ed payment method. Based on a blockchain technology, we have developed a decentralized and private double-authorization protocol that combines all the benefits of cash and online transactions while eliminating almost all risks for each party involved. In the future, we plan to develop our own CRS Application Programming Interface (API) that can be easily implemented into similar platforms.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Crystals wants to become the first blockchain platform for modeling industry, which acts as an intermediary between service providers and customers. They have noticed problems like geographical and competitive fragmentation or payment problems, huge fees and fake info. Decentralized ecosystem offers highly secured payments with personal data protection and no fees or need for other intermediaries and services, which makes the buyer pay less and the model earn more. There'll be no charging for listing, while the customer will be able to get everything he needs within single platform. It's worth noting that the platform is partners with Playboy, while the advisory board worked on projects like TraDove, Elastos, Morpheus Labs or EmmeGirls. The design of the site, as well as the content of whitepapers and documentation are on a very good level. There are no similar projects on the market, therefore they have a high chance to succeed.

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