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Connects the crowd with entrepreneurs

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Smart contract blockchain




Ethan Clime - CEO

Aleks Bozhinov - CMO

Rosario Colletti - CTO

Chris Fronda - Blockchain architect

Paolo Lacche - COO

Tomas Kuttler - Lead developer


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28 august 2017, 14:08
5 out of 5

I rate it 3/5 as it it's I think a generic medium rating as I'm not really sure what to think about ANOTHER crowdfunding platform being crowdfunded with ICO. I mean, I've seen numerous projects like this and I'm not sure if they are even different from each other. Interesting feature here is a possibility of building a portfolio of projects that you patronize which can be an interesting thing as you act almost like an investor. The site's design is very good and all the necessary information is provided, but it lacks something original and groundbreaking for me.

16 august 2017, 22:50
5 out of 5

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs. Excellent choice for a gig-job as well as a good option for passive income stream and personal brand building, this is the future of capitalism where the customers help grow a business and share in their success. Amazing!

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