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CREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Platform for creation financial services

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Smart contract blockchain




Igor Chugunov - CEO & Founder

Evgeniy Butyaev - CTO & CoFounder

Valentin Antonov - Team leader

Aleksandr Krasnov - Senior software developer

Matushkina Elena - PR manager

Bruce Sadia - Development manager

CREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction.

CREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its own internal cryptocurrency CREDITS (CS). It is a new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and data protocol.

It is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions, and total number of operations per second. It is an open platform which means that users and companies can create online services that implement the blockchain protocol.

We offer a new product for users. We designed new features by creating a new algorithm to search for a consensus; a new scheme registry; an algorithm for processing and maintaining transation - based solutions for finite state machines based on the model of Federal voting nodes.

The CREDITS platform offers a solution to the problems of low speeds and high transaction costs. It expands the potential blockchain technology has for the financial industry and the Internet of Things.


Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

CREDITS is developing a new type of blockchain, which is much more efficient that the ones we know today. The main features are very cheap transactions with costs not exceeding few cents and speed, as such transaction can be deliver within few seconds. The main target of the project is a general financial and banking industry. CREDITS team consists of 10 developers which acts as a great advantage, especially as the project focuses on providing a new technology. There are specialists that have 10 years of programming experience. The main concern of this project is whether or not they will be able to deliver the promises and how it will work. There is a high potential in such project and the if the technology turns out to be working as they advertise it to do, it has a chance of becoming widely used in new future projects.

User Review

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e455751414 march 2018, 13:11

Alpha is already quite fast, it makes 200k-500k transactions per sec! This is much more than I ever experienced. Finally the codes got published on GitHub and the first listings on KuCoin, Idex, Tidex and achieved. Now the team needs to develop beta version and I'm looking foward to see their token on top exchanges in the nearer future.

George Beckx15 february 2018, 13:18

I believe there is potential in this area. The banking Industry needs to experience a revolution. Features like cheap transaction costs and fast speed are compelling. We need to wathc closely how the market will react and if participants, banks and centralbanks are ready to accept the new technology yet.
I see great potential, but also risk since there is a lots of competition in this area. For sure someone concepts will last, but lots will disappear couple years down the road.
Definetly on my watch list.

CreditsBacker04 january 2018, 03:14

In terms of value due to the hard cap of ICO, the rising value of ETH and that CREDITS is planning to burn leftover CS that was alotted for the ICO there is going to be a huge upside to get into these rounds. I backed in Pre-ICO and will put more into the actual ICO as well to get a good position. Their CTO has as history of developing high speed solutions and with my novice understanding they seem to have highlighted issues with ETH that even ETH founders are trying to address. If they truly can make this work.. this will be a game-changer as all the high market cap players don't really have scalable / viable solutions currently in the market.

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