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Rune Evensen - Visionary & Co-founder

Andrei Popescu - Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Christopher Bridges - Compliance Officer & Co-Founder

Dan Cearnau - Team Leader & Co-founder

COSS – is a single wallet for both fiat and cryptocurrency. Simple design, absolute safety and possibility to keep your money in one place. COSS has an ability to exchange crypto into fiat currencies and vice versa.

Expert Review

3.6 out of 5

COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution aiming to provide all the cryptocurrency related services like an exchange, a merchant list, payment gateway etc all at one place. The team members seem real people but they haven't specified to be an employee of COSS so the team evaluation is neutral. The web design is very fancy their roadmap also seems practical but they are focusing on vast things at the same time which might be a con for the long run.

User Review

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Karim Indez16 september 2017, 18:17

So they basically want to act like a site for beginners to learn and operate easily their cryptoassets. On on hand, it's good for them to advertise cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology to mainstream newbies, however on the other hand, they claim that creating a crypto wallet and managing your keys and going through the whole encryption can be troublesome for some people and I don't see it that way. If someone is too stupid to research and learn how to buy and manage their's cryptoasset they should go into it.

But I also find it convenient if they manage to create one wallet to store them all, exchange within the platform and even buy things all in one place. We will see how it works out.

themainman16 august 2017, 11:29

offer multi cryptocurrency storage and exchange in one wallet
great and experienced team member with traceable working experience
large token supply for sales (200 million ETH)
COSS is in partner with more than 10 company with viable goal
good payment structure with bonus for investors and affiliate members
support only RC20-compatible wallet
Accept only ETH for token swap

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