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Son Ji Wang - Founder and co-developer

Expert Review

1 out of 5

ConnectWealth aims to develop a database of users and sort them on the basis of their wealth so that the users can interact with other users having similar wealth. It has its WTS ERC20 tokens. The team has no traceable record and past experience and their profile also seem fake. The website is poorly designed but is currently down and the project is very badly executed along with baseless roadmap and bad whitepaper. All these points just sum up to the project being a scam.

User Review

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Indixo113 may 2018, 10:52

Creating a database of users based on their wealth is what the concept of the project is and according to me, the idea is just utter nonsense and stupid. The team also clearly looks fake and it is one badly executed project and the website is also down with no sign of the project. It is just another scam.

Tissue is the issue16 september 2017, 13:01

It looks like either scam or really badly developed product. Not only it is poorly designed and executed, the whole idea also doesn't make any sense. They want to create a platform that will allow people to interact only with others that have the same amount of money. So it's like poor can only talk and do business with other poor users and the wealthy and rich can talk and cooperate only with each other. The developers also look like they are fake and there is no track of previous work, even though they state there were other projects.

Johnathan16 september 2017, 12:58

I don't get the idea of this project. They want to create a sort of database of people and sort them based on their wealth? By the description it sounds like this in some way enables people to cooperate and meet others "similiar" to each other. So it's like segregating people based on their wealth and letting them know which friends are also rich and to whom you shouldn't talk or work with?

little_marmaid616 september 2017, 00:30

I don't like the overall design and the feeling one gets when visting site that promotes their product. I'm also very concerned about whether it's not maybe a scam? As the people in their team doesn't look real to me, and the pictures are streched out and look like taken from Google. They have allegedly worked previously on different projects, but I can't find any information about them or these projects. Maybe they have worked on them but the projects didn't succeed? That also shows that they are not reliable developers.

investor_Bob15 september 2017, 01:30

Well, first of all the site's design is pretty bad and it doesn't encourage to invest in this project at all. Not only it doesn't look good, but it also looks quite unproffessional and that is a red flag when it comes to any project. How come can they deliver a good platform if they can't even design a site? I mean, I know that the technical part is important but you cannot sell your product with such looks.

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