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Color Platform


Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated decentralized applications (dApps).

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Smart contract blockchain




Chris Howard - Softeq Develoment Corp. CEO

John David - Founder of CryptoTech Ventures & Consultancy Limited

Sven Lung - CEO, Green Park Content

Juan Pablo - Orlando Business Development and Angel Investor, KOIBANX

Jill Carrigan - COO of IngleDodd Media

Chenhao Zhang - Partner, Gold Sand Capital

The Color Platform runs on the "Color Engine" that enables non-technical users to develop Smart Contracts. Utilizing a simple mechanism of Color Engine technology, the "Color dApp Store" aims to create a wide array of enterprise-level dApps. Instead of hosting a plethora of unrelated services on a single platform, Color dApps will be powered by a single unifying cryptocurrency, the "Color Coin (COL)". COL tokens will be exchangeable seamlessly through the integrated Decentralized Exchange (dEX).

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

The project aims to improve the decentralized Apps and how they are being created and managed on the blockchains. Color has come up with a layer system to distribute and process the data much easier and lighter for the system, with the main target of the project being enabling dApps in everyday situations. As many other projects, they want to take on solving the scalability issue. It's also worth mentioning that even at the early stage of the development, there are already 10 dApps being created on Color Platform. They have an interesting approach toward the sole tokens that power up the network. Pixels come together and create a Picture. Fair distribution of tokens has always been a problem. This is why the Color Platform is focused on the fair distribution early tokens and the continued usage of tokens. The "Pixel Program" is a network effect driven referral program that distributes "Pixels". Pixels are awarded on a periodic basis. Pixels in their original form do not have any value. The only way Pixels have value is by sending Pixels to other users. The team is undoubtedly an advantage of the project, as even from the early stage it consists of many experienced members, has extensive board of managers and executives with a full team of developers, blockchain specialists and engineers with the addition of people responsible for marketing and the community. Rarely, do we see such a big team in the just starting projects or ICOs. The design of the site could be better, however it doesn't take away from the information provided there and technical documentation which makes it easy to research the project goals and main features.

User Review

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ICO Review13 october 2018, 13:00

Color Platforms wants to contribute to the development of the idea and technology behind dApps, which are relatievely new type of projects on the market. Many mainstream companies are getting interested in developing their own dApps, therefore Color wants to make enterprise-friendly dApps, so that we can decenetralize and digitalize various parts of our lifes and improve overall services in general. Color Platform, through its Spectrum technology, built architecture that contains duplex construction of business logic layer and data layer to solve the problems that other blockchain platform has been confronting such as scalability (low speed, high transaction fee), limits of creating sophisticated dApps, governance, decentralization and security obstacles.

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