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The operating system for crypto assets

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Smart contract blockchain




Alon Muroch - CEO

Adam Efrima - COO

Ram Avissar - Community & Marketing Director

Eli Sklar - Director of product

Jody Hsu - Director of design

Emmanuel Gimenez - Marketing

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Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

CoinDash aims to provide a social trading platform which combines social elements with a versatile and powerful trading platform which is beginner friendly and also has power tools required by advanced users. It makes managing investment portfolios extremely simple and the information provided about the different digital currencies is precise. The team consists of highly experienced members and some beginners too but the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is well designed and the roadmap and whitepaper are well planned and presented.

User Review

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Windy2004 may 2018, 12:32

To have a smart cryptocurrency social trading investing platform is what the project aims which I think is a pretty nice idea. As it is providing basic features and can be easiy used by a beginner and also provides all the tools for an advanced user. The team is great and the website is minimal. I think the project has a great team and it is greatly executed. I would consider investing in the ICO.

dlorah13 august 2017, 22:18

I Don't know about thuis ons. These was a lot to do with thuis IVO. People tot scammed out of countless eth because the site got hacked but a lot of people dont trust them. Their idea is good however and they say they will make up the lost tokens. So I dont know yet Im watching

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