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Cash Poker


Cash Poker ICO

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Danila Prozorov - CEO

Yaroslav Dementev - COO

Kir Lizhnikov - Marketing director

Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology


Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Blockchain transparency offers a huge improvement in trust and general work of any online gambling related sites and casinos. Users couldn't trust if the cards they get are truly random or is there a system that makes sure no one wins too much. With blockchain you can be assured that everything is transparent. Gambling and various related games, especially the sport ones like Poker, are incredibly popular, so such site will always find it's place in the market. The developers of the project have already created various successful poker-related projects, so they now what they are doing. The site and platform designs at this stage look very solid and neat.

User Review

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The Deuce24 september 2017, 22:05

I’m a happy and proud investor into the project. I’m an avid poker player both live and online and see a huge need for this in the game. And I don’t know what the hell Ivan 376 is talking about poker being all about luck and proving it by going all in with Pocket AA and still losing? That hand has a 30% chance on average of winning. It’s literally more likely to lose than win on a timeline lol. If Poker was all luck there wouldn’t be professional poker players or professional leagues. Now I may be ignorant but I’ve never heard of the World Series of Roulette. So perhaps that’s just a luck game lol

BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 04:53

The most interesting thing on this ICO is that you dont have to verify your identity. You dont have to wait 2-3 days for your account to be verified and also to have a bank account. The deposits are instant and so the withdraw. There are a lot of advantages of playing on this website, but there also are disadvantages. If your account is hacked and your money has been withdraw , there is absolutely no way to get them back. Same thing if a hacker modify the website settings and automatically win all the games. Anyway, it is a great concept and hope it will have a great succes

ivan37603 september 2017, 11:27

Poker is always been nice game if it will be played fairly. I guess cash poker site is a fair one and so I give it 5 stars. I've been playing poker online with BTC and its nice. Sometimes I'll win and sometimes lost, but this is gambling. I prove it that is it just a game of chance during a tournament when you do have a pair of ace and then you make an all-in but still you'll lost! But usually it win...just sometimes when you're just unlucky you'll lost that hand. That is poker all about.

themainman29 august 2017, 19:10

good website navigation and widget were placed well. translational plugin working well
social pages are very active and response to questions are really great
no buzzy words and the goals and objectives are really realistic
good roadmap and white paper
the project is not lenthy
Us citizens are not allowed to participate
supporting ETH only for token purchase

Usman28 august 2017, 08:59

It worth it. I highly recommend you guys to try it. You don't need to provide any kind o identity.

A lot of gambling do cheats which waste of time but they solved the problem with the help of blockchain which build in inside on it

There's no scam plus you get your all money into your wallet its rally worth it

Harry28 august 2017, 08:39

This Gambling project is already successful by the time that ut being created because of the amazing and unique features, like the anonymity and transparency this feature is the best.Plus you can be set up your own table gain profit from it this is like multiplying your money while sleeping.This is probably the best Gambling project Ive ever seen.More Power to the developers and the company who develop this amazing gambling project you are the best.This project is really promising and It can be a huge oppurtunity for everyone who loves to gamble.

ICOask26 august 2017, 20:14

As I see these guys have nice background and have great offline business. Their ideas about integrate poker room in messengers, such as telegram or maybe slack in future seems very great.

Blockchain in casino is really best idea, there are too much cheating in gambling and they decide this problem. Also they have anonymous trasfers, and immediate payment, I had so much difficults with taking my money for 2 or more weeks, I think it's anonymous and fast trasfers is too comfortable. They looks like a professionals

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 14:07

I like the part about implementing this poker platform to already known and widely used messenger application like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. This will make this game easily available to everyone as these are very popular application, so it will be easy to find a mate to play a poker hand with.

Most of the ICO fund will go into the promotional and marketing campaign as the product itself is almost ready and already developed, this is a huge advantage.

Now the only concern is whether or not they will be able to beat other better known poker platforms as the competition is very tough. Actually, I feel like it will be impossible for some time, but maybe they will gain at least small userbase if they invite some poker stars to promote this.

I know what I'm talking about24 august 2017, 11:04

Well, first of all, any betting or casino-like platform that bases itself on blockchain technology has a great advantage over other similar projects. Blockchain grants all the needed transparency so that you know your games are not rigged to make you lose money. It is all provably fair.

You will have your own CASH tokens, that will be automatically stored in your own wallet, so there is no money stored on some third-part sites or the platform itself, so you can feel safe that no one will take your won money away from you.

The design is pretty good.

Gambler_198924 august 2017, 03:45

The gambling advantages are simple. Transparency and anonymity. You get your money to your own wallet, there are no chances to be scammed by the platform, like it often happens with these shady casino sites that have set up games that make you always lose.

But what makes me support this project even more, from the investor perspective and not only player's point of view is the fact how professional their approach is. Every information is easily provided on their site, there seems to be no hidden secrets. They explain very thoroughly every aspect of their project and how it is going to work. There are all graphs and graphic illustration to show how their going to spend the money. The team is wide and experienced. I feel confident which such approach of the developers. Very professional.

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