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The experience layer of the decentralized internet

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Smart contract blockchain




Chris Tse - Founder & Head of Product

Ed Faulkner - Lead Developer

Hassan Abdel-Rahman - Sr. Blockchain Developer

Justin Thong - Data Scientist

Ken Rossi - Lead UX

Chris Gardella - Lead Designer

Will Bagby - Sr. Developer

The experience layer of the decentralized internet. Cardstack is an open-source framework and consensus protocol that makes blockchains usable and scalable for the mass market, creating a decentralized software ecosystem that can challenge today’s digital superpowers.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Cardstack wants to break down apps which have already reached great heights in favor of an open, digital world. With Cardstack, end users can mix and match features from multiple apps or decentralized apps without worrying about a mess of separate cloud subscriptions or utility tokens.Cardstack is an open source framework and consensus protocol that aims to make blockchains usable and scalable for the whole market. Their aim is a decentralized software ecosystem capable of challenging today’s digital superpowers. It provides a toolset which unlocks the potential of the decentralized internet for everyone.Cardstack has a good team who are well accustomed to ICOs.Their website is pretty decent and has a good roadmap and whitepaper which explains and provides all the important information about Cardstack.

User Review

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Johns.1020 may 2018, 22:41

Well, Cardstack aims to create an economically-sustainable software ecosystem that avoids the difficulties of today’s centralized platforms. It’s an “experience layer” for the decentralized internet of the future, allowing users to combine services across cloud apps and decentralized apps. After going through the website the project seems very good. The team is also really good and they have made a good and pleasing whitepaper and roadmap which is able to convey us their aims and future plannings. Overall this is a good project and I may invest in this project.

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