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Borg DAO


The Borg DAO will help to stimulate development

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Andreas Schütz - Lead developer

Georg Pichler - System Architect

Lisa McMillen - Business Strategy

Vikas Parekh - DApp Engineer

Expert Review

2.1 out of 5

The Borg DAO aims to provide incentives the developers for the development of DApps, support the Ethereum Classic blockchain for their DApps and integrate their applications into the Borg DAO which will help to stimulate development on Ethereum Classic. The project has BRG tokens for achieving its goals. The Borg DAO token holders vote on proposals in a decentralized decision-making process. The team does not have a traceable record and the overall team evaluation is negative. The website is currently down and it seems the project is dead.

User Review

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Windy2004 may 2018, 12:31

The project aims to stimulate the development of Ethereum classic which I think is not a great concept. The team has no history and it seems some of the profiles are fake too. The website is down and there is no way to look what is up with the project. All these things just point out one thing which is it is a scam. I would recommend staying away from the ICO.

boluu13 august 2017, 18:36

Well the site is down, there are not many information despite articles about it being introduced as ICO and that's all. Scam that has disappeared? For sure it's a dead coin.

That's what happens when you don't think about what you are doing and introduce new altcoins expecting them to be next bitcoin or ethereum.

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