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An Ethereum event hosting platform designed for real world

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Smart contract blockchain




Ryno Mathee - Architect

Rob Schins - Project Manager

Bojan Malešević - Project Assistant

James Campbell - Developer

Gerlof van Ek - Designer

Florian Mathieu - External Consultant

Expert Review

3.3 out of 5

Blocktix is an ethereum-based decentralized solution to distribute, advertise and trade tickets. It aims to create a platform where hosts distribute their tickets directly to the audience removing middleman resulting in cost reduction of the tickets. The team evaluation is positive and they seem dedicated towards their project. Their tokens TIX is only a solution for the ticket system and nothing else so it won't be a crypto to earn profits with. It is still not clear how exactly will they distinguish a fake event from a real one and the biggest question is the adaptation, as for it to be working it has to be adapted by hosts and the people.

User Review

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Id9324 april 2018, 22:22

The design and the overall appareal of the project seems to be looking quite decent. The sole idea is also not that bad. I would like to invest a little in this project as it is really solving an issue here but still, the demand is not that high which means less userbase, less demand. The web design is very good too but its downside is it won't be accepting fiat that means not everyone would be able to invest.

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 12:12

good mobile optimized website. load very fast
event ticket distribution, ticket transfer and event promotion platform. low overhead for distributors and promoters. protection against fraud and offers a near perfect solution to many of the current challenges facing event hosting businesses. decentralized and easy to use. rigorous external security auditing
transaction fees is a bit high

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