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Create smart contracts with no programming required

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Graeme Douglas - CEO

Eric Huang - Technical Co-Director

Wade Penson - Technical Co-Director

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themainman21 august 2017, 01:29

BlockCAT allow user to create, manage, and deploy smart contracts such as auction, crowdfund and safe remove purchase on the Ethereum blockchain
require no programming
easy to use
it is fast, cost effective and safe
professional team management with good background
offer discount on token
accept ETH only during token sales

catface917 august 2017, 11:39

Their opening line is "You shouldn't have to be an expert to use smart contracts", and that's a really important message. They want to make blockchain technologies more popular and mainstream, so that these mysterious crypto stuff that has been recently going on in the Internet is not only reserved for programmers. They aim to make it available for everyone with a very well designed and easy to use platform.

I like the idea of introducing this technology to ordinary people. Ethereum smart contracts has brought quite a revolution in this area, and the more people use it, the more it's value growth, so I think everyone will benefit from this project.

Herlina17 august 2017, 10:58

This Good project, BlockCAT is a decentralized platform that provides an easy to use web portal, handcrafted by our expert engineering team, to allow endusers and organizations the ability to provision and deploy the smart contracts that drive these complex transactions, zero programming required.

The disadvantages BlockCAT, one of the biggest issues for the platform I have is their insistence of paying for the deployment and verification of these smart contracts via CAT token. Now given that a general user not having access to CAT how will he get CAT token to use their platform which makes their value proposition very restrictive. Also by the nature of the smart contracts developed in their platform based on their design principle locks into their platform which is one big concern I have.

Glory9016 august 2017, 10:23

BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks and provides a marketplace for Smart Contracts for both Developers and non-technical users alike.

the value proposition of providing pre-built smart contract templates for many general usecases which no-technical users can use to deploy on Ethereum is one of the best DApp platforms that is badly needed in the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently the most extensively usage of Smart Contracts in Ethereum is for ICOs, but with this platform various other common smart contract use cases can also be deployed in ethereum and used by new developers and non tech users. The biggest help of this platform as promised is that these templates will be audited and also cost less gas in comparison to stand alone smart contracts as they are derived from a master contract template.

Disadvantages: High competition in their field of created smart contract template.

inventinvestor015 august 2017, 14:42

They will surely greatly contribute into popularizing blockchain technologies and ethereum smart contracts. With this tool even people that are not programmers will be able to use these technologies easily and when it hits the mainstream it will become very popular and used everyday.

Such smart contracts allow users to buy and sell goods without any third party sites that will eat most of the profit because of high fees.
It can be used in various types of votings and polls or donating money to projects of our choice and easy crowdfunding side platform.

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