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Connecting The World Through Blockchain

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Patrick Kimbley - CEO

Ken Riley - COO

Joe Coburn - Head of Marketing

Johnny Chen - International Marketing Manager

Ezra Bergstein - IT Architect

James Jones - Blockchain Developer

The Blockchain technology has been one of the most prodigious solutions to nearly all the contemporary transaction issues that man has come to face in recent times. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, numerous issues that existed due to the limitations of using fiat, has been solved or are in the process of being solved. Prior to the introduction of these peculiar digital currencies, fiat was the standard for all transactions except for certain special cases where precious stones, gold, and other materials were used for exchange. These fiat currencies proved extremely inefficient because it was mostly controlled and the users had minimal or no direct influence on these currencies. Banks and government parastatals who handled issues concerning transfer of payments and other forms of sending/receiving currencies, would often charge outrageousfeesfor the transactionsto bemade, thus, discouraging valuable business decision for the investors. In attempt to resolve these transacting issues, cryptocurrency was born. The first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) quickly gained popularity in 2015 and had an immense growth in value, up to 10,000 % in early 2017. Private and public investors who believed in the future of the cryptocurrency all benefited immensely from the exponential growth of Bitcoin. As a result of Bitcoin,several alternative coins called altcoins, were invented in attempt to solve specific issues. With the invention of these altcoins, there was a need for a new invention: an exchange where traders can trade one cryptocurrency for another. Thus, Crypto Exchanges were created. Crypto Exchanges, since birth, tried to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the traders by making exchange easier, faster, and by far, substantially cheaper. However, despite the effort, Crypto Exchanges still face numerous restraints and issues. We have carefully scrutinized the issues that everyday user of these platforms face and created an absolute solution to all these issues. You will find these issues and our solution as you read further. Bitsmo is an intuitive and innovative exchange platform, that were specifically designed for the purpose of ensuring users to have superior and efficient usability while transacting. Our platform integrates numerous features. Each features solve a specific issue that has been left unanswered by previous existing models. Our goal is to ensure that even as a new user to the crypto-world, they will be able to transact and trade cryptocurrencies as easily as possible. Bitsmo packs a lot of featuresright into one exchange platform with a user-friendly interface which users can easily get familiarized.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Bitsmo aims to become the all-you-need in the cryptocurrency world platform. They want to connect more than 30 popular cryptocurrency exchanges and let the traders benefit from increased liquidity, almost instant order making and of course price differences, which experienced traders can use to their favours, using strategies like margin or arbitrage trading. Bitsmo has noticed a multiple issues when it comes to current crypto exchanging scene. Many of the exchanges lack proper regulation and are not able to provide fiat trading pairs. Bitsmo exchange is going to be fully regulated and include KYC and AML. Moreover, Bitsmo claims to have crypto-friendly banking institutions, which can take care of fiat transfers, meaning the exchange can fully operate on regular dollars instead of tether for example. When it comes to transaction speed, Bitsmo claims to be able to process about 10,000,000 transactions per second. They use Modulus' latests technological advancements, which allegedly make it almost impossible for the user to lose his funds due to fraudulent activities. This technology has been used by NSA, CIA and NASA. The team behind Bitsmo is relatively small, however it has an extension in the form of advisory board. The CEO of the project has previously worked with companies such as Gap, Inc, Cost Plus World Market or Warner Bros. Studios.

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