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Bitproperty is a distributed network of REIT

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Smart contract blockchain




Shimpei Ogawa - CEO

Ryo Nomura - Business Development

Yonatan Ben Shimon - Advisory & Matchpool CEO

Max Richardson - Product Advisory & Matchpool Founder

Yudai Akisada - Public Relations

Expert Review

2.3 out of 5

Bitproperty is a project aimed at using blocking technology in the field of real estate purchase and sale. This is a network based on blockchain technology, in which all transactions are decentralized, assets are digitized, and so on. But in fact at the moment the demo version of the project is the simplest lisiting site and it seems that there are no prerequisites that this project will actually have some kind of technology. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) network should become something more than just a website with ads. Even despite the large project team, all this does not look very serious and gives an uprofessional vibe. The information states that: "Bitproperty plans to release a functioning beta early 2018 with multiple real estate projects after completion of ICO", yet there hasn't been any significant updates or technology showcases.

User Review

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phillip9632113 november 2017, 15:31

Had a look at this and I cannot see this concept work at all. This is like a listing site. Who would buy property without viewing it. And what about laws in different counties. If you know how property works and understand the process of buying, then you will understand that the team came up with a great concept but the concept will unfortunately not work in the real world, sorry.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 22:34

This project will surely make investing in real estate much easier. With that token you will be able to buy or invest in a property whenever you want and wherever you are. And you will be able to make profit of it and get the money generated by this property straight into your wallet. With all the cost and fees that you would have to pay reduced thanks to the blockchain. Pretty simple and pretty convenient. The design of the site is pretty neat, you can easily find all the necessary information with all the technology explained so that even someone not computer-minded can understand how will it work.

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