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Decentralized Student Marketplace for Online Jobs

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Smart contract blockchain




Dror Medalion - Co-founder & CEO

Bogdan Fiedur - Co-founder & CTO

Aviad Gindi - Co-founder & CFO

Elad Kofman - Co-founder & CMO

Edward Ruchevits - Lead Back-end Ðeveloper

Micha Roon - Ethereum Developer

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karmakeddon17 september 2017, 04:45

BitJob shows a lot of promise by launching this project. It will help a lot of students who want to earn supplementary income while still attending school. If they manage to implement a system where you get matched to jobs depending on your profile, then this might take off.

BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 00:27

I like the concept of this project. A lot of students are looking to earn some extra money during their academic period, during their highschool. I also like that this project is learning students about bitcoin and blockchain ,because this will be the future. Students have to learn about digital cryptocurrency, because this is the future of real money. This is not only created for Bitjob creators to make profit , this is created to help the stundets and the rest of the world.

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 15:16

I can't see it being nothing more than another freelancer platform. It would be of course very convenient if there were such sites that allows you to get paid in cryptocurrencies. You also need to keep in mind that in order to get payment there need to be people who wants to give out this freelance jobs and it's always a problem, as there aren't many companies that would use such sites and other people often offer really low payment. I don't see it being helpful for "poor students" like they advertise it to be.

merth915 august 2017, 14:52

The idea of helping poor students and unemployed people with this miraculous platform seems pretty noble, however I can't see it being more than an ordinary freelancer platform, therefore it's nothing revolutionary that from now on everyone will be able to make millions from their home working on small jobs. First of all, they would need enough people wanting some sort of task and willing to pay for it, so that these students registered on this platform will be able to do these tasks. The design and the execution of the project seems okay. Nothing spectacular.

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 11:16

This is a great concept. in a world today where getting job with no experience is very difficult, bitjob offer student the opportunity not only to gain experience but also make money by doing mini jobs. this will enable students to earn a stable income with their free time, enriching their portfolio and engaging with digital currency, many for the first time.
bitJob will empower students across the globe with blockchain technology.

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