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It’s time to take back the Internet and make it ours

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Smart contract blockchain




Alex Bessonov - CEO

Patrick Tague - CTO

Emmanuel Owusu - Chief Architect

Vasily Trofimchuk - Project Management

Yan Michalevsky - Security Architect

Andrey Shashlov - Core Developer

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Bitclave aims to change the standard businesses and customers interaction based on smart contracts and removing middleman. It focuses on eradicating the traffic generated by bots on ads which companies pay to advertise. It aims to design a consumer-centric platform which will allow the users to track their performance not by views on the ads but based on the results. The team members are reputed and know what they have to do. The white paper also is great and explains every bit of the project and the roadmap seems practical. The web design is very simple which makes it more professional.

User Review

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Under 924 april 2018, 22:06

As it has one the greatest team and helps almost everyone as all of us use the internet and the companies which have to pay for their ads. Everyone would get benefited from it and the userbase is pretty huge so there are chances of a large community in the future I would really like to be a part of it.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 23:20

A search engine? At the first glance, it's a big no-no for an investor as it's obvious no one has a chance against Google. But if you read further, they actually have valid points on why we should search with them. Our every move and click is being tracked on the Internet and sold to advertisement companies to let them know what we are interested in, what we want, what we do. We are talking about millions of dollar worth of information. They allow you to decide which information you want to share with these advertisement companies and let you sell it to them, therefore making you money. I think if they are able to sell your searches for millions, why wouldn't you do it and get the money?

themainman19 august 2017, 13:45

bitclave is a decentralized search engine platform that intend to compensate the user for using its platform for seraching contents with fear of data bridge. the project which will be web and mobile based and 1 billion of token will be offer for sales.
bitclave is managed by team of experts with traceable job history
the roadmap and whitepaper is good
active social links and respond to quetions promptly
$0.05 for 1 CAT
allow both ETH and BTC
US citizens are not allowed

tok_er14 august 2017, 14:40

I had to say it got me interested. First of all, the marketing aspect seems to be doing well. The descriptions of the idea and the whole design gives it a really professional look and easily explain their goals and how they are going to achieve it.

Everything that we do in the internet is being tracked. Every click we do, every word we search. It's being stored and then sold to advertisement companies. This project attack the problem of our data being sold without our consent. They want to users to be able to decide what they want to share and with whom. You then could personally sell your searches to a company and together you can work out which ads you want to see. Seems like a scenario when everyone ends up with profit and happy.

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