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4.6 out of 5

BetKing is an online decentralized casino which allows users to gamble offering people gambling games like blackjack and roulette. It was closed in 2016 but has been scheduled to relaunch on September 4. It plans to integrate with third-party casino apps as it will give them more time for launching their own games without having to worry about security related things. Its tokens will be ETH based. The team is led by experienced members. The websites user experience is quite good with an overall good design.

User Review

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John124 april 2018, 21:52

By looking at its past, it won't be wrong to say it is a great project. I personally found this project good with the site being really user-friendly. Gambling is indeed highly in demand in some area and among some people, I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to gamble and also play other games similar to it.

KTChampions25 august 2017, 00:08

Positive: an experienced team of developers and managers who already have experience in such a project, promoted brand.

Negative: Another casino in a crowded market, picking up your market share will be possible only with aggressive marketing that will eat all the profits. In addition, developers are already seen in the deception of their advertising agents in the bounty program.

ajik201017 august 2017, 13:51

There are many crowd funded Bitcoin casinos out there. Betking stands apart from the rest with all its juicy claims: supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, taking the worries of bankroll funds and security from the hands of app owners and casino websites, promising to add sports betting and tournaments, and most importantly, providing a beta site for trying out all its claims. It also helps build trust in them since they have been around before now and they returned funds when they closed in December 2016....if its all verifiable.

mythy7016 august 2017, 22:56

BetKing website looks okay although it is somewhat outdated in terms of design and overall aesthetics. It could definitely use some improvement. Nevertheless, it’s very easy to navigate. The images and texts on the homepage look cluttered even though there are just a few of them. When it comes to page and game loading, things were pleasantly fast. It’s to be expected, though, considering that the pages don’t really have a lot to show and there’s nothing fancy about the games’ graphics. BetKing the most popular crowd funded Bitcoin casino

iamaltcoinfan16 august 2017, 09:53

It is the best betting website which proved in last 2 years
Pros : They are providing bankroll token so that ICO investors will get profit shares and also its already proved by claiming 7400 BTC .
Cons : Here i clearly say they don't value bounty participants they locked the thread . Future exchange listing not clear about bankroll token .

themainman15 august 2017, 09:00

good web development. whitepaper and roadmap present. betting anonymously using cryptocurrency have been on te rise and i think betking will deliver greatly. with intention of integrating betking with casino websites and app owners and introduction of more games. finally betking offer discount ranging from 15% to 5% of token sales.
betking claimed to have made 7400 BTC over last two years but didnt explain maybe the money will be reinvested in the platform development

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