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Basic Attention Token


Introducing blockchain-based advertising

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Brendan Eich - Founder, Vision, Strategy

Brian Bondy - Co-Founder, Browser Engineering Lead

Yan Zhu - Security & Privacy Engineering

Scott Locklin - BAT Smart Contracts & Economics

Bradley Richter - Brand & Interaction Design

Catherine Corre - Communications

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Basic Attention Token
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Evan23 october 2017, 19:31

BAT is definitely an ICO with a lot of potential. It has AdEx as a competitor, I wrote about that there:
Personally, I think that Brave will pan out. Why? Coins/Tokens will only be accepted by the general public if THEY see a reason to use it.

Why use BAT? Because you get paid for the ads you view and can donate to the publishers!

Herlina17 august 2017, 19:28

It is a great idea which solves online advertising problems, the team consists of famous tech-world personalities and the BRAVE browser team. The founder is an inventor of JavaScript language who participated in the creation of Mozilla and Brave browsers. Other project members are also very experienced and I advise you to look them up. In my opinion, the team is one of the strongest on the Ethereum scene.

The disadvantages Basic Attention Token, In my opinion, not enough tokens distributed to investors. 70% is too little, but if the market is going to be in billions of USD. Well. Then, ok.

Glory9015 august 2017, 16:10

BAT is a currency for a new online advertising exchange which will be directly connected to Brave browser. BTW, the token will not be limited to browser only, the developers promise to expand the ecosystem and give the power to other developers to start using the Basic attention tokens.
BAT will represent so-called “user attention” which means that this token will equal to some quantitative representation of ads shown to users.

BAT advantages:
1. BAT has a very strong team.
2. It is a great idea which solves online advertising problems
3. It already has a working browser which will implement the BAT
4. Developers promise to widen the grip of BATs by providing ability to integrate tokens into other ecosystems.

BAT disadvantages:
Competition with giants like Facebook and Google, and in my opinion it is about time for them to move and let other players take over.

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 10:53

Basic Attention Token is developed to address middlemen and fraudsters, hurting users, publishers and advertisers challenge in digital advertising.
it is totally decentralized open source and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform.
Publishers experience less fraud while increasing their percentage of rewards. And advertisers get better reporting and performance.
the site is mobile friendly and easy navigation.

tobs12 august 2017, 19:12

I like the sole idea behind this token. Today's internet is struggling against malicious ads that annoy users and track them having no mercy on anyone's privacy anymore. That coin aims to solve that and bring transparency to advertisers and also provide them with ads being displayed properly and in a way that won't bother the user but encourage him to click it.

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