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First blockchain option for investing in the production

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Oleg Dobrovolsky - He has been developing the agroindustrial and ore complex in Lao PDR

Alexander Bychkov - He was engaged in starting from scratch projects in wholesale and retail trade. In the project he is responsible for marketing and communications.

Alexander Magomedov - He is fluent in Lao language, has strong ties with the Governor of Vientiane Province.

Dmitry Mazutov - He is a Specialist in foreign economic activity and an interpreter of English and Chinese languages.

Mr. Prasan Sangsatjatham - He is the leading agronomist of the project.

Eugene Khashin - CTO

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

BananaCoin wants to raise money in order to extend significantly their banana plantation. This is a multi-million food industry. There are numerous plantations spread across the world and bananas have been imported for hundreds of years. Right now, the company already owns 100 hectares of land that's being used for banana plantation. The token market price is indicated by the food market's price of kilogram of bananas. Blockchain will act as a great improvement in the managing process of the whole import and business part of the plantation project.

User Review

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Gio04 october 2017, 11:35

Setting technicalities aside, what you have to think about this project is that the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables, especially organic is increasing rapidly and with climate change, soil degradation issues, land grabbing, pollution, overpopulation issues etc. the demand will increase more and more.

The Banana Coin team have already an established business; thus, they know what they are doing on the grounds. They have few videos about their presentations around the world.

The ICO been backed up by such valuable asset and by an already well established business are the two major selling point. And let's not forget the friendly team always readily happy to help (at least on Telegram).

Swenna08 september 2017, 18:59

I think this token and this project holds a very promising future. Being a project that is both eco-friendly and aims towards the expansion of production capacities of bananas throughout the world does not only promote the agricultural sector but also the food industry. Just imagining the expansion of this project towards our country (Philippines), and other tropical countries where bananas can grow really well, it will really increase the value of this token especially since it is based on the price of kilograms of bananas.

It has a great future ahead.

Ben Yild07 september 2017, 21:55

Token that's value is represented by bananas? This idea is bananas!

The sites looks very good, the color dominating there is yellow, so it reminds us of bananas that are the main theme of this coin. I find it interesting that it's value is based on the price of kilogram of bananas. I think this can make it quite stable token, I've seen the graph and the price can go up even four times, but generally stays at around a little above $1, so it's really great.

They have chosen the place for their plantation very carefully. It has good soil, warm temperature and the electricity there is relatively cheap. They seem like they can make a lot of profit, therefore the investors will also make it.

Vikings are not extinct boy07 september 2017, 21:49

I find this idea very interesting and even if some may find it ridiculous, I find this investment to be quite secure and maybe even profitable in the long term. The coin's value is backed by the real price of the kilogram of bananas, and foods price don't fluctuate so much, so it can turn out to be a stable coin. If the company spreads their works and extends the fields an investor can even profit as they are developing and become bigger and bigger. The food industry can be quite profitable and these people look like they are experienced.

The site's design is very good, and I really like the looks and information of the promotional video.

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