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Back to Earth


Cryptocurrency to unlock in-game content

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Smart contract blockchain




Clay Space - Producer

Shad Adair - Producer

Kevin Schulmeister - Producer

Marshall Stokes - Advisor

Expert Review

2.8 out of 5

Back to Earth has a token StarCredits that is rewarded to the players who actually play the back to earth game at different levels. The tokens usage aims to be completely for entertainment purposes. By this, it aims to produce media on different platforms to tell the complete Back To Earth story. The team behind this projects are not very reputable. The smart contract blockchain is Ethereum.

User Review

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Your name24 april 2018, 21:47

The idea of having a cryptocurrency for just in usage for games doesn't sound like a great idea. The design of the website is not at all good, it is way too minimalistic. The userbase it aims to attract is very small making its demand very low so I would not invest in this ICO.

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 15:20

Honestly I stopped reading after the first sentence. I don't see a point of creating a special ICO token for this one particular game to make some content being obtainable with these tokens. There is no actual point, you could easily create these coin in your game and don't bother in the whole blockchain token development.

Whether or not the game is good is fully an opinion of a person, we don't need to think about when it comes to deciding whether or not this investment is good. Is there really anyone that is willing to donate money and buy some coins that can be used only in one random game, that is for now unknown and may have no userbase?

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