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A global standard for a more fair, secure and transparent ticketing industry

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Alan Vey - Director, full stack engineer

Annika Monari - Director, full stack engineer

Kavon Soltani - Head of sales

Mario Vassiliades - UI/UX design

Arnaud Gaboury - Head of communications

Benedict Lewis - Full stack engineer

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

Aventus is a blockchain-based event ticketing solution that aims to eradicate fraud and unregulated touting. It hopes to address high ticketing commissions, counterfeits, the inflationary behaviour of secondary markets. It allows organizers to create, manage and promote their events and tickets. It hopes to bring organizers and customers on a single platform so as to benefit both the parties. it will also have a customer pool allowing benefits for the customers and rewards for promoters. Some of the team members stated on the site could not be found on linkedIn. It roadmap is also only until Q2 2018.

User Review

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Your name24 april 2018, 21:44

The website's design is pretty interesting and informative. Just the links to the team members do not lead anywhere. The team members are less experienced and a platform for managing tickets is really not that demanded currently so I would suggest staying away from this ICO.

MI504 september 2017, 21:28

WARNING! Aventus ICO Investors Get Scammed Through Compromised Slack and Spoofed Emails

According to NewsBTC, someone successfully spoofed an email coming from them to make users deposit Ethereum to a wrong address. It is unclear how much money has been lost so far, but it will be rather substantial, by the look of things. Not a good sign for a company hoping to raise millions of dollars.

A message to the Aventus community about security concerns from directors and founders of Aventus was published on their official blog:

Komang24 august 2017, 13:07

EventChain vs Aventus? ICOs are happening around the same time. EventChain alpha is much more advanced than Aventus. Also EVC token looks more useful than AVT for the general public, and also a better deal. So personally it looks nice but maybe it's not going to survive in the long term.

Nick Jones23 august 2017, 12:36

Really great ICO, probably the best upcoming one in my opinion. Strong team: blend of blockchain strength (Annika and Alan) and ticketing strength (Andy). Strong concept: they have a good plan of how they are going to disrupt the market, as they are trying to be a technological infrastructure rather than a direct competitor of the likes of Stubhub and Ticketmaster etc.

themainman19 august 2017, 13:14

Aventus is an event ticketing platform based on blockchain technology. aventus intend to solve public ticketing problem through Maximising ticket sales to the event’s target audience. Aventus intend to raise approximately 15 million USD for this project by selling aventcoin to investors.
good roadmap and whitepaper
20% discount on token purchase
time duration for raising 15 million USD if too short ( 7 days)
ETH is the only payment option supported
US citizens are not allowed to participate.

merth915 august 2017, 15:02

There is that problem often that many show tickets are immediately sold out, and then they appear in the Internet auctioned by individual people that want to profit of it. This project wants to sort out all the problems that people often have when purchasing the tickets and eliminated this bot buying and reselling at higher price. It's a platform that I can see succeed one day, as today ticket sellers aren't even that popular or there is no great choice of vendors. Blockchain technology lets having everything neat and well organized and eliminate any scams or counterfeits or tickets. It also reduces all the fees that are now today, therefore making tickets much more cheaper in the end.

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