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A Step towards Decentralization of the Internet

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N. Warfield - Chief Executive Officer

P. Coman - Chief Development Officer

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4.6 out of 5

Authorship is a blockchain based platform aiming to make the internet free and easily accessible for the authors and the readers and considers itself a step towards decentralization of the internet. It helps to get books published, discover new books, inefficient distribution, and the author, in turn, receives 5 to 10% of the total amount. Its ATS tokens have been listed on some exchanges and the beta platform also looks quite good and has a great user interface. The team behind the project is also reputable and experienced and are devoted towards their project.

User Review

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Iwdo213 may 2018, 10:48

A decentralized internet for authors and readers is what the project aims to provide which I personally think is a great concept as the userbase would be definitely large considering the publishers and authors, reader and translators worldwide. The team has greatly executed the project and the beta version is quite good.So overall I think it does not seem to be a scam is actually a great project to invest in.

triampaton07 january 2018, 00:28

Authorship (ATS) is a platform that will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to provide a new operating model for the book industry. Authorship seeks to close the gap between authors readers publishers and translators creating a platform where all the referred intervenients can share their content. The ATS Token will have several functionalities. For example token holders will be able to buy books or even receive a monthly basis reward (for authors / translators).

People just need to see Authorship actual price to understand that Authorship is a successful project:

Themporium29 august 2017, 21:05

This is one of the best creativity steps made by Authorship, wow... it's really amazing to see the benefits and royalties will be earned by authors and translators which are going to change their future page into wealthiest fortunes, personally I knew few of my friends who are very good in their local regional languages and in English, and they desperately looking for some streaming change in their life by selling their passionate skills, now Authorship is the best platform for them who pave the way of fortune in their life. That being said, the only part in this sort of creativity we need to be concern in how trustworthy they are, I mean Authorship. Hope they are listening and watching our opinions and they would come as good win-win partners to all the authors, translators, publishers belongs to any part of the world.
Hey guys, what are you waiting for, Just go and grab this wonderful opportunity and fortune bonanza by signing up into Authorship !!

xplorer7928 august 2017, 02:29

Authorship is a platform where authors, readers, publishers and translators can connect to each other and propose their services globally. The platform is encouraging these people to do what they do best, while giving them financial security.
The platform is actually doing a giveway, with 75 tokens offered on registering, and 75 additional tokens for each referal.

themainman17 august 2017, 16:35

Authorship is online platform where authors can publish without having to comply with the publishers’ unjust policies, such as giving away the rights of your books or a major chunk of the revenues, and also earn money on monthly basis. the company consist of group of IT expert with previous working experience with book marketing agency Authorship will be raising 15 million token for sale to investor and 15 % bonus
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