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Create value without borders or intermediaries

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Luis Cuende - Project Lead

Jorge Izquierdo - Tech Lead

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Aragon aims to remove intermediaries within the traditional organizational setting allowing users to easily create and manage organisations that is users can build Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) with basic features of an organization like token transfers, role assignments, payroll, fundraising, voting. It is extremely easy to use for the user who does not have the knowledge of coding. The team consists of many great members with high reputation. It is a decentralized management platform built on Ethereum. The roadmap looks practical and the Aragan (ANT) tokens currently are not doing that well in the market but an increase in volume might definitely take it to greater heights.

User Review

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Your name23 april 2018, 21:07

I generally like the idea of the project and it has a chance of succeeding. The design of the website is really great and is easy to use. The team behind is is hardworking and they have a vision too. If they get proper support they could shape the DAO ecosystem in the future.

themainman19 august 2017, 16:30

Aragon is a platform developed to help in disintermediation the creation and maintenance of companies and other organizational structures. this will safe company from restriction impossed on them by government and other third party thereby increasing there properties.
aragon is already in alpha stage of development which shows the team comply with the roadmap
Aragon is partner with other research partners such as coinfund and advisors
No paperwork,is needed and it is extremely cost efficient
founders, employees and investors can trade their shares seamlessly
it is Friendly and fast
it is transparent and accountable
alot of work still need to be done in developing mobile version

Herlina17 august 2017, 19:22

This good project, founders want to create a place with very easy-to-use tools to create and govern decentralized autonomous organizations. They will have different options which you can apply during DAO creation. Basically, they want to standardize the process like Wings DAO project.
They will implement so-called “court system” which will solve human-related problems which arise during DAO governance, the upgradeability option is one of the cornerstones of the Aragon project.

The disadvantages Aragon, developers of Aragon have really made a strange decision to include so-called “hidden cap” in their contract code. What does that mean? You invest your money, not knowing when the contract will reach its capacity. As they stated, they wanted to have as many participants in their crowdsale as possible. I think that developers are a little bit greedy

Glory9015 august 2017, 15:55

Aragon wants to become the place where companies can create their own DAOs with governance tools, court system, upgradeability, and appstore. More importantly, they want common companies to operate on Aragon platform, shifting governance from paper to blockchain-based application. Let’s have a closer look.

distribution of tokens 15% goes to founders with advisors,

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