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Digital royalty streams tradable on a decentralized exchange.

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Daniel Pineda - CEO

Jeffrey Meyers - CFO

Alex Tchaikovsky - COO

Ronny Boesing - OpenLedger ITO Team

Brian Lemster - Technology Advisor - Halcyon

Christefano Reyes - Tech Advisor

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

The idea of ​​the AppTrade project is quite elegant. This is a kind of crowdsourcing for mobile applications. Investors can buy shares in projects of mobile games and applications, getting the opportunity to earn on them in case of success, selling their shares to someone else, or getting profit from the profit of projects in the portfolio. However, as far as preparation for the ICO is concerned, it is difficult to call it qualitative. First of all, it is worth noting the very poor design of the project site, which is executed in a very outdated style. The presence in social networks is also minimal - only Twitter is available, and that one is inactive. And most importantly - there is no prototype, although for such a project the technical component would not be something very complicated.

User Review

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Iks024 august 2017, 18:15

Mobile apps become so popular nowadays that enabling us, the investors, to invest in them in a really easy way and with everything taking place on one platform, is a very great feature.
They allow you to build your own app portfolio with bunch of apps that you decide to support. Later on, you get some percentages of their income based on how much money you invested. If you end up being lucky and invest in a new big thing, you can get very rich I guess, so I think this platform will be used and will lure people with the possibility of huge profits.

The real crypto investor18 august 2017, 11:54

I find this project quite interesting, as it easily enables anyone to invest in many new upcoming apps and profit of them if they make it big. We know how much money is hidden in this market, yet to be made. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and takes it out often because it lets the owner enjoy many things. From entertaining games to apps that help you learn or provide with necessary information. Apps makes life simple and more enjoyable.

Richard Guy15 august 2017, 12:41

I have to admit, this one really got me interested. AppTrade will be a platform where you can build your own portfolio of apps.

We know that apps in general are now hugely popular and everyone is using many of them on their phone. An investor could invest in many of them on this platform and like buy some "shares" of them and then get a percentage of the revenue the app gets. So if one day one of these apps become next Facebook or Instagram or another really popular game like Angry Birds, I can imagine an owner of some shares become really rich.

However, I don't buy into the design and execution of the project yet. I hope it changes when they are after ICO phase, get more money and start working on it very hard.

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