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Ankr Network


Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Chandler Song - Co-founder & CEO

Stanley Wu - Co-founder & CTO

Ryan Fang - Co-founder & COO

Song Liu - Chief Security Engineer

Yan Xiu - System Architect

Yan Ji - Scientist

Quanlai Li - Blockchain Engineer

Cloud Computing is projected to be a trillion dollar market, yet it is monopolized by some of the largest tech conglomerates in the world. Only these giants can afford the high human capital cost and upfront server costs, but this only results in a higher margin for customers.

Current Cloud Computing platforms lack incentives model for people to contribute their resources.

Ankr's innovations include:

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) Consensus Protocol
  • Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) Platform
  • Seamless interface of oracle service
  • Multi-chain structure supporting consortiums

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

ANKR is a blockchain company that offers cloud computing services by utilizing blockchain to enable a distributed cloud computing service which gives a user-friendly structure. The company uses 6th generation CPUs with Intel SGXs which are used to allow app developers to create barriers to protect sensitive data and avoid malware. Also, this tech allows apps to preserve the confidentiality of the data on the system. It uses a proof of useful work (PoUW) consensus protocol. Rather than spending energy for nothing with mining just like Bitcoin does, this new consensus protocol actually utilizes the electricity for useful and important tasks, which is considerably more useful overall. This market is projected to grow a lot in the coming years and it can even become a trillion dollar market in the near future, yet it is monopolized by some of the largest tech conglomerates in the world. Overall Ankr's innovations include Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) Consensus Protocol(this new consensus protocol actually uses the electricity for useful tasks unlike bitcoins), a Seamless interface of Oracle service (This service will authenticate data feed by leveraging them), a multi-chain structure supporting consortiums (that will allow people to use smart contract to deal with other chains, which cause even more decentralization of business). The team was made by the trio Chandler Song (Co-founder & CEO), Stanley Wu (Co-founder & CTO) and Ryan Fang (Co-founder & COO) and have gathered an experienced team and has research partners of the company are Blockchain at Berkeley, CPC, DoraHacks along with the strategic investors OJ Lab, NGC, DHVC, OK Blockchain Capital, LINKVC, GBIC and Block VC.

User Review

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ICO Review03 july 2018, 10:02

As the cloud computing market could reach a trillion dollar market which according to me is a huge thing and will be used a lot and very often in the coming future. The website has been professionally designed providing its users with a great user interface and the information provided is important and sufficient. As there have been new updates in the technology, it has affected the development of fine tech industry and ANKR could be of high value if it can execute its potential. So overall I personally would like to be a part of its project and my most favorite part about this project is its proof of useful work (PoUW) consensus protocol.

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