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Blockchain protocol for digital insurance

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Smart contract blockchain




Reda Markeviciute - Insurance product & policy

Aidas Ignatavicius - Chief Actuary

Augustas Staras - Business development

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Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 18:17

Well they aim to create a platform and apps that will monitor your devices and you can buy insurance for these devices. The app will record if there are any problems with that and if you were paying your insurance regularly it will grant you money to repair that issue. They have an already working battery insurance app, that monitors status of your battery. If it discharges too quickly and becomes faulty you get the money to buy a new one. Seems like an okay idea, but I think it can easily be exploited. I'm looking forward for them to provide further examples and information, because in that state it doesn't look that good.

The design however is quite nice.

themainman21 august 2017, 00:40

Aigang is a platform building a blockchain protocol for digital insurance which can be use as a layer protocol utilizing smart contracts for decentralized insurance services for IoT and smart devices.
good roadmap and whitepaper
offer token bonus up to 25%
bounty and referer programme
active social page
the programme is lenthy
accept ETH alone for token purchase

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