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Search engine for online shopping

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Smart contract blockchain




Sergey Ryabov - CEO​

Dmitry Bereznitsky - CTO​

Vitaly Mengeshev - COO​

Aleksandr Vasilev - Data Scientist, Mathematician, Statistical Analyst​.

Sergey Morozov - Backend Developer​.

Evgeny Prigornitsky - Backend Developer, Mobile Developer.​

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Ahoolee aims to be a search engine for products in a decentralized network where the info on prices variations is kept in a blockchain. It has AHT as its cryptocurrency which can be used to make purchases. It offers a quick price comparison of goods, history of price changes, purchase history and much more. The team consists of some greatly experienced members with a high reputation so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is nicely designed and presented and is a bit fancy. The whitepaper is well thought and presented.

User Review

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Indixo113 may 2018, 10:53

A search engine for product comparison is what this project has to offer which I personally think is a great concept as search engines today do not provide precise information about products. The team is great and the website is nice and Overall it does not looks like a scam and I would consider investing in it.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 23:15

Very simple tool.

And it is also a very usable one. It search and finds a product you want at the cheapest price possible. This is something that I'm sure literally anyone buying something from the Internet will use as who doesn't want to buy cheap if he has alternatives? So we've got a project that doesn't require much, is a very simple and basic tool, but help enormous amount of people. The design is also okay and all the information is provided, so an investor knows what he invests in.

inventinvestor015 august 2017, 15:07

It's a simply tool that will find and compare the prices of searching products so that an user can buy what he wants at the best price available. Blockchain as a database of such information is a great use of that technology. It will look for these prices from the open source and confirm the authenticity thanks to blockchain technology. They have quickly raised funds and sold the presale in 30 minutes, so I guess they already have investors and people backing them up. I can see them being really popular tool one day as it combines modern technology with mainstream needs.

themainman15 august 2017, 09:46

Ahoolee will be the first decentralized search engine for online store. this is a great concept which connect users with their desired product by perfoming quick price comparison in online stores confirmation of authenticity based on the blockchain technology. they have good road map and experience teams.

no discount on token

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