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Aether United


Aether United's ambition is to make esports a better industry

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Salvatore Gallo - founder & CEO

Alisha Rosen - Creative Director

Giorgio Gallo - CTO

Ryan Cheng - founder

Lowell Ness - Partner, Perkins Coie

Chris Pollock - Esports Business Analyst

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Aether United
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themainman30 august 2017, 10:35

esport voting platform. fund that will be generated during token sales will be use to create esport
revenue will be generated from sponsorships, endorsements deal and selling of merchandise
good team members consisting sport analysts, programmers and project developers
active social links and newsletters for registered members

roadmap is not present and the token sale supply is not listed

j.bob213 august 2017, 11:52

Esport is a relatively young and just starting thing. It is already pretty popular and now being showed in tv just like a regular sport championship like football or basketball. So a project that has anything to do with it has a potential of success. They want to create a platform for fans and whole community. If the teams decide to use that platform the fans will have an opportunity to contribute to them, vote for important team decision and make suggestions and everything will be traceable on transparent blockchain.

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