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Blockchain-based investment instrument backed by functioning business

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DENIS BELYAEV - CPO & Blockchain developer

OLGA SILAEVA - Communication and marketing manager


JULIAN ROMANOV - Adviser & Industry Expert

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Mials19 september 2017, 21:21

ABIO team offering very good concept to improve better life quality of human. As human population was increasing more and more in global and the food demands increased as well. The introductory video looks reality and telling us what they are doing. I have confidence on their project, in fact. The team would like to collect more financial supports to develop productions technique and improve better. I would expect this project will grow further and the manufacturing play key role in producing and supplying the organic foods for nationwide.

TanyaDegurechaff15 september 2017, 18:52

ABIO is a company that sells organic products by recycling leftover body parts of animals from slaughterhouses. And after researching about them it seems like they want to expand their company by using the funds that will be collected. What got my attention is when I watched their introductory video it is showed that they already have a functional recycling plant. So I know there is a better chance that this ICO will expand because there is a tangible asset which I prefer to invest. Now I will give my opinion about their products which are meat and bone meal and technical animal fat. The first one is high in demand in the poultry industry which main objective is to produce eggs to be sold. My uncle who is also owns a small poultry farm uses 3 to 5 sacks of feed everyday otherwise the hen wont lay eggs. Imagine if this company manages or already has contracts with several poultry farms the sales are surely constant and so as the income. For the later I don’t have any personal knowledge about fat processing but I think those extra fat can be used for fertilizer production in addition to what it is already indicated on the site. So I think that this ICO does have a high chance to succeed.

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