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8 Circuit Studios


A game development ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token

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James Mayo - President

Kabriel Robichaux - CTO and Development Architect

Mike Jones - Business Development

Mark Nicolino - Art Director

Filipe Tessaro - Systems Designer/C++ Programmer

Terry Hammer - Producer

Shingai Thornton - Evangelist Advisor

This ecosystem is dedicated to game development. Uses ERC20 token type as the main currency.

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8 Circuit Studios
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User Review

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Herlina17 august 2017, 12:35

Good idea, this tokensale is for any gaming enthusiast who wants to experience the next level of gaming experience where they can own a key part or character or even a game object from the game and want to be part of the gamified trading economics of the game. In the 8Bt case their gaming & voting process ecosystem will be powered by 8Bt Tokens. The first and immediate use for 8Bt Tokens, on August 31st, will be to allow token holders to lay claim to persistent and exclusive resources in their first blockchain powered game: D-PARC. Future players, token purchasers, or interested parties will be unable to acquire these unique items unless the current holders decide to part with them. These blockchain-enforced items will be the first opportunity to participate in the digital sovereignty offered by 8 Circuit Studios.

They are targeting a minimum of $1.5mm. With this equivalent, they will be able to complete D-PARC from Alpha and develop a functional prototype for the 8 Circuit Studios ecosystem over nine to twelve months.

The disadvantages 8 Circuit Studios, for me the million-dollar question is, do they have the expertise to execute it. Though they are Ethereum/Blockchain enthusiasts and have good amount of experience in game development but the lack of a full time Blockchain or even a Ethereum developer was a big question mark.

Glory9016 august 2017, 11:42

When I read about this ICO I was really interested in the idea. For me their idea, beyond their execution and even their lack of a suitable communication channel.
8 Circuit Studios, are creating a game called D-PARC through which using 8Bt tokens & Ethereum blockchain, their games will help people learn to identify trustworthy transactions.

33% Tokens allocated for distribution to incentivize participation in the ecosystem, I think 33% Tokens is a huge amount, but if it's their marketing strategy, I hope it will work.

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