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Blockchain initiative relieving the pain points

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Smart contract blockchain




Johnson Leung - Co-Founder

Jonathan Lee - Co-Founder

David Yeung - Advisory Board

300cubits is a blockchain initiative relieving the pain points of the container shipping industry through creation of a de facto shipping crypto currency called TEU and migration of industry process onto Ethereum. To start, we will implement TEU tokens as deposit for the shipment booking process with help of our TEU Ecosystem. Going forward, TEU tokens could provide either better foresight or a hedging tool to tackle the volatility of the industry cycles. The whole initiative will leverage on the founders’ experiences in container shipping and currency while injecting value for the industry and improving user experiences.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

300cubits ICO and TEU tokens should contribute to the improvement of the supply and shipping industry. The project solves a number of problems inherent in this huge sector of the economy, affecting all others. Part of the concept is similar to Uber - the platform connects directly customers and performers. The main difference is that this platform is decentralized and works on blockchain. TEU tokens helps improve the inefficiencies with the supply chains and container ship delivery. The project has been prepared at a very high level - all important details have been thought out, such as the strategy of entering the market, the economic role of tokens on the platform, the business model, etc. The project team takes part in public events. A huge number of publications in various media. There is all the necessary documentation, including legal documents, and White Paper translated into many languages.

User Review

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twentyone2116 august 2017, 21:51

Seemingly there happen to be a quite big problem at the water shipment sector as allegedly the shipping industry has lost a lot of money throughout the years because of mistrust with customers and staff responsible for particular parts of the shipment process. This project therefore takes half of the possible work that includes contracts and all the necessary shipping details into the blockchain, therefore securing at least some part of the transaction, lowering the possibility of money loss because of some problems related to communication and proper contracts.

ennas16 august 2017, 21:32

blockchain has become a middleman to provide all manner of complex business deals, legal agreements and automated exchanges of data. Some big companies are using their cloud infrastructure to build custom blockchains for customers and experiment with their own use cases. Even though blockchain is a very beautiful innitiative, it also has its flaws. these flaws includes its effect on the monetary system and the governmental regulations of it.

Don joel16 august 2017, 20:13

300cubits is a project initiated by ETH Smart Contract Tech (ESCoT), a company founded in Hong Kong by Johnson Leung and Jonathan Lee.Later on he moved into the finance world.
The logistics and shipping industry is set to exploit the technology powering the cryptocoins for its very own security and logistics solution. To crackdown on late or absent shipping consignments and overbooked ships, 300Cubits has launched the TEU Token based on the same technology as bitcoin and many of its counterparts.

themainman16 august 2017, 15:50

great site navigation with translation
good roadmap, whitepaper present and holistic project.
active social page quick time response to inquiries
offer purchase of token minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH
token are transferable
United state and Hong kong citizens are not allow
accept only ETH Mist or MyEtherWallet web based wallet

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