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21 Million


Crypto-funded blockchain indy tv series

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Nick Ayton - CTO

Raiomond Mirza - COO

David Lofts - Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Taylor - Community Director

The first full TV series of Indy Media Production company is called 21 Million. The genre of it is thriller combined with mystery and detective. How does it refer to Bitcoin world? It is based on Ethereum. that sits on the Ethereum public Blockchain. Besides, the plot tells us about how Cryptocurrencies are being hated by most Governments and the richest people. Therefore, cryptos  try to survive and overthrow a regime.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

21 million Children of Satoshi is to be a six-part drama series revolving around the past and present of cryptocurrencies dealing with the sudden rise of cryptocurrencies and how governments are taking the stage against them. The ṭeam behind the series has enormous knowledge in both directory and in the blockchain technology so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is really fancy and a bit lengthy and the roadmap also looks great for a decentralized series.

User Review

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ICO Review31 may 2018, 11:55

Making the worlds first decentralized series is what this project aims which according to me is an extremely new and fascinating concept. This would definitely attract most of the investors just by its concept and the team members in it. The website all other aspects of the project are pretty good and I think, it is definitely a great option to invest in.

themainman20 august 2017, 22:26

21 Million is a tv series project about cryptocurrency. this seems to be a great concept showcasing movies about cryptocurrency but alot of things is lacking which might be a bad idea if money is invested. the roadmap and whitepaper is lacking. How much fund is needed to be raised and through which payment options. this are questions that need to be answer. i can see the cast photo but the name of the stars are not mentioned.

tok_er15 august 2017, 00:06

I understand that they don't have the needed money yet, but the quality of this project seems to be really poor. The trailer of this show showed on their website is worse than some of amateur fan movie projects. The design of the website also doesn't make investor feel like it's a good place to leave your money in. The story itself, despite of the interesting fact that it touches the topic of cryptocurrencies and can be a quite good advertisement for ordinary people to get involved in this developing technology, seems rather badly written and I can't see them being able to execute it well.

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