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Decentralized token exchange

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Smart contract blockchain




Will Warren - Co-founder & CEO

Amir Bandeali - Co-founder & CTO

Fabio Berger - Senior Engineer

Leonid Logvinov - Engineer

Alex Xu - Director of Operations

Ben Burns - Designer



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dlorah17 august 2017, 12:39

The project allreay has it's problems with the token sale, but fortunately the team resolved the issue by giving participants the chance to buy more tokens than first planned. This will be a nice project with a bright future. Token trading is very important because of the enormous amount of tokens allready exist. I'm glad they will make the tokenswap easy for us.

catface917 august 2017, 11:50

So they basically acknowledge the problem of many different tokens and ICO assets emerging from Ethereum platform, and as the number grows it is important to finally get around how to neatly organize their exchange and trading. And that's why they are creating their project, with the aim to ease the process of exchanging these new assets. Their platform will provide the necessary infrastructure. They claim that as it's just a decentralized and transparent platform, they will not act like an ordinary exchanges that we now know, but be more of a foundation of further projects enabling easy organization and management of these numerous assets and smart contracts.

From the technical point of view, they know what they are talking about, however I'm not too sure if it will work out and there will be many people using and building upon this.

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 10:41

very fast with blockchain technology
easy site navigation
decentralized application that facilitates trustless over-the-counter trading of Ethereum-based tokens
low transaction fee
0x supports all Ethereum-based assets that adhere to the ERC20 token standard
accept only ETH
There will not be a pre-sale when token is launched in 15 august

Yan03 august 2017, 18:15

Really interesting idea

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