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NEO Price Prediction and Analysis: NEO encourages blockchain developers to create games and launch a contest! Thursday, May 31

31 may 2018, 21:11

Bitcoin's influence on the market

BTC has been recently going up after the longer period of lows which made the whole cryptocurrency market go red. Even though, the price has been raising slowly, it seems that it will stabilize around $7500 region letting the altcoins go their own ways without much interference. You can read a detailed Bitcoin Price Prediction and Analysis, where we take a look at recent news and price movements.

Important NEO news

Besides the important and exact cryptocurrency news, one has to also take into consideration the fact and numerous updates and announcements about new projects and upcoming ICOs, which are based on the NEO blockchain. All of these small things put together may significantly affect the price.

NEO encourages blockchain developers to create games

NEO platform want developers to benefit from variety of functions and features which NEO blockchain could offer their projects. They enable them to get access to unlimited resources available on the platform to create blockchain-based game titles. "The NEO Game wants to boost the number of game developers involved in blockchain-based games, to increase the number of blockchain-based games on the NEO ecosystem and to grow the NEO blockchain network through a vibrant blockchain-based gaming community. The NEO blockchain will provide an incentivised system where game developers are rewarded for the development of blockchain-based game titles." Sign-up starts on May 1st and ends on August 15th. There are 39 awards in various categories, which accumulate to 3,500,000yen, which will be issued in Gas.

NEO Reorganization

During the Amsterdam conference, which took place on April, Da Hongfei announced that NEO would be adopting a new organization structure. NEO has released an official statement about the changes, which are in fact simply company and legally related to help the project work better. The most notable is the fact that "The NEO Council has been officially reorganized into the NEO Foundation", Additionally, they extended their work besides the company and "will also be an early sponsor of a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance academic research on state-of-the-art blockchain technology."

NEO Price Analysis

The price recently has been very stable with very insignificant and small price changes. Generally, it has fluctuated slightly above $50 region, reaching prices like $52 during positive market movements or $48 when the price fell. NEO seems to be following Bitcoin's path with its lows and highs. The most notable is the price spike, when it got from $48 to $53 within few hours. It is currently being traded above $53 and seems to be going slowly even higher.

NEO/USD Price Chart, Thursday May 31:


All time highs of this cryptocurrency are reaching almost $200, this compared to today's $50 shows that there is a room for expectations and positive predictions. NEO and Ontology will work together to develop a smart contract ecosystem. They will also work on developing general open standards for smart contracts. Both platforms will cooperate to provide SDKs and APIs. They will also discuss and share development achievements and research results. The ultimate goal is to develop integrable mainnets by conducting this cross-chain research. Most of the projects which has been built upon NEO blockchain are doing very well at the moment and they will be affecting the price. With the positive or neutral Bitcoin's movement, we can expect in the short term that NEO will reach $60-$70.

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