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Are Recent BTCD Spikes Last Breaths of BitcoinDark? BTCD +9% in Last 24 hours. Sunday, September 9

09 september 2018, 19:24 by Vergil Younge

Bitcoin Dark News and Price

Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) Price Movement Analysis

After the last sudden price increased, which happened earlier this week, the price of Bitcoin Dark has stabilized around $45 and didn't seem to be affected significantly by movements from other coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The higher price marks were achieved at the beginning of the correction after the pump, as the coin was slowly decreasing in value from the tops of $100. On August 5th, it was trading for $60, while the low was achieved at $42.83 on August 7th. September 8th, brought the first indication that something might be going on, as the BTCD jumped to $70 out of a sudden. It then came back to the $45 region, just to hit $79.60 in next hours.

Today, even though the price is still relatively high, it seems that the correction is already happening with BTCD trading around $66. On the other hand, looking at the chart and the price directions, it may still go up.

BTCD Last Breaths?

The last tweet from BitcoinDark Twitter Account says:

"Remember that #BTCD was swapped for Komodo. And the whole team moved on to the development of #Komodo."

Therefore, the sudden price spikes that could be seen in last few weeks, could be a simple pump and dump strategies to get the most of BTCD coins and score profits in case the project gets fully abandoned.

On the other hand, there could also be some inside news and movements or big upcoming announcement and few people familiar with it are trying to buy the coins before the mainstream media gets ahead of this information. However, looking at the current Bitcoin Dark situation it is highly unlikely. But still, almost $700,000 worth of coins were moved on the exchanges in last days, while on September 4th BTCD managed to jump from $41.59 to $102.95 in a matter of hours.

When it comes to Komodo project, recently we've taken a look as the coin jumped in value significantly in a short period of time. Check out Komodo News and Price Analysis: "KMD +13%, Komodo's "Delayed PoW" To Fix Many Chains Problems"

BTCD/USD Price Chart, Sunday September 9th:

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