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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, NEO. Thursday, May 24

24 may 2018, 15:30

Bitcoin Today Price (BTC/USD)

After the failed $9000 run, the price started to drop very fast. It went from $8500 to below $7500 within two days. The lowest point was at $7362, however it started to recover slowly and is currently trading little above $7500.

Keep in mind how the BTC chart looks like, as you can clearly see a correlation with the price movement of other coins. In some cases, the charts are almost identically, which shows how significantly BTC price affects other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price Chart:

Litecoin Today Price (LTC/USD)

Litecoin Price has been confidently fluctuating around $130 region. The sudden market fall, which can be mostly connected with Bitcoin's failed attempt at reaching $9000, brought LTC to $116 at the lowest point. The price has bounced shortly after to $122 and then fell again. It is now slowly recovering at is currently trading at $122.07 with a notable uptrend. Within next days it will most likely come back to the $130 per LTC. Read a detailed Litecoin Price Prediction, Analysis and important news overview from few days ago.

Litecoin Price Chart:

Ethereum Today Price (ETH/USD)

Ethereum Price went from $700 to the lows of $561, which was one of the most significant falls among top cryptocurrencies. It is not known if ETH price fell only because of Bitcoin's situation or maybe the fact that there are other smart-contract projects which are currently getting more and more popular. There is a chance that EOS, Tron or Lisk will have an impact on ETH. The price has recovered a little bit and ETH is now trading at $587.

Ethereum Price Chart:

TRON Today Price (TRX/USD)

By looking at Tron Price Chart one can notice that the price amplitudes are higher and more frequent. The price has been jumping at around $0.08 and then fell as low as $0.0679. There were few notable falls when it got from $0.076 to below $0.07 in a matter of hour. The price seems to be still very volatile, but is on its way to recover back to the $0.08 region. Currently, it is trading confidently at $0.072. Check out detailed research about TRX Price, Prediction and Important TRON News.

Tron Price Chart:

NEO Today Price (NEO/USD)

At the first look at NEO Price chart, one can notice that it is much more calmer than other cryptocurrencies. Usually, it's not anything interesting for an investor when his asset doesn't move too much, however, in that case it shows that NEO doesn't want to be affected by Bitcoin's negative price movement. The drop is still visible, as NEO fell from $60 to $52, however it happened in a much more controllable way than in other cases. It is currently trading at $53.68. You can read a detailed analysis about NEO price movement, prediction and future prospects.

NEO Price Chart:

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