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Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis: +8% in few hours! Network problem, upcoming events. Saturday, June 2

02 june 2018, 15:04 by Gilbert Hanson

Important Lisk News

Coin listed on OKex

Lisk Elite, which is a delegate group inside the ecosystem has announced that they managed to get LSK listed on OKex exchange, which is second biggest exchange mainly operating on the Asian market. "The trading pairs will be LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, and LSK/USDT. The market will open on the 4th June at 16:00 HKT and the withdrawal will be available from the 5th of June 16:00 HKT."

Upcoming Events

The team is working very hard to spread awarness about their project and are regularly holding meetings with the community, investors and developers. June seems to be full of interesting meetings with the team.

Network Issue

Due to a bad block on the Lisk network the blockchain was experiencing temporary problems that at the moment of writing this article are being solved. The developers say that even though it stopped the transactions for some time, the sole problem isn't dangerous nor the funds were at risk at any moment. Fixing the problem will involve an upcoming 0.9.15 release and node operators will have to rebuild. This has happened already in the past and misplaced block can occur in any blockchain.

LSK Price Analysis

LSK Price has been following closely Bitcoin's path and seemed to be easily affected by the recent cryptocurrency market lows. Before the fall, at the beginning of May LSK was trading confidently above $12 region, reaching even $14. Today, the price spiked getting from $8.61 to $9.32 in a matter of hours.

Price Chart: Saturday, June 2nd:


The current bear market shouldn't overshadow the fact that LSK was confidently going up and reaching highs like $35 at the beginning of the year, while $20 mark was a confident region to fluctuate around. Therefore, with the development still taking place and new updates and features being introduced, once the SDK and Core is released and in case the crypto market sets off upwards, Lisk should easily be able to exceed its previous all time highs. On the other hand, without solid announcements and more importantly - releases and updates, Lisk as a project won't go further than $20, with pure market speculations.

Currently, looking short term or even for the next week movement, we may experience LSK going down temporary as an effect of the recent block failure. However, if fixed quickly it may go unnoticed. In such case, Bitcoin's recovery should make LSK go up maybe to the $10-12 region.

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