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New Study Shows "Zcash Is Better Than Monero": Is That True? - Zcash (ZEC) News. Wednesday, September 19

19 september 2018, 23:12 by John Kiguru

New Study Shows Zcash Is Better Than Monero

According to a new study, against most people’s belief, Zcash has proven to be better than Monero. The research conducted by the New York-based firm Digital Asset Research (DAR), takes a closer look at the two privacy -oriented coins and the conclusion has been eye opening. Privacy-oriented coins have in recent days become popular with traders.

Read the Lucas Nuzzi Article "ZEC: Unmatched Privacy In a Public Blockchain" here.

Unlike coins like bitcoin, these anonymous coins do not disclose the details or addresses of the traders. Among the coins popular for this service, the battle has been heated. Zcash and Monero are two of the coins that are privacy oriented and for long experts have not been able to agree on which is the better of the two.

Now, with the new research, the community might have at least some kind of answer. After 200 hours of research the researchers say they have definitively established that Zcash is better than Monero. Among the points highlighted by the researchers includes the fact that "Monero Uses The Coin Mixing Method".

Coin mixing means that transactions are mixed up and mismatched making it very difficult to pin-point the specific sender or recipient. The researchers pointed out that this means that the transactions are public and it is just difficult to pin-point the traders. The lack of use of encryptions by the project to make transactions private means that transactions are not entirely private. In the case of Zcash, transactions are kept private through transactions making it a better anonymous coin than Monero.

Of course, in many cases the preference is fully left to the community and the users and the research shouldn't be taken as the ultimate answer and official result in the every-going battle between top privacy-oriented coins. However, it opens up a good possibility for a potential discussion among the supporters of each cryptocurrencies and technological solutions.

Inherent vs Optional Privacy

The two coins differ in one aspect when it comes to their privacy feature. Where Monero provides privacy by default, for Zcash, this is optional. Users can opt to make their transactions public or private. Because of this, it is much harder to get Monero listed on a regulated exchange like Coinbase but easier for Zcash.

Guarantee of privacy (in terms of past transactions remaining confidential)- Zcash guarantees more privacy than Monero when it comes to past transactions remaining encrypted.

Zcash Salping (A new update by Zcash)- this has helped reduce memory usage and improved the verification process by 80%.

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