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EOS Price Prediction and Analysis: release EOSIO blockchain! The price sets off for an upwards run. Saturday, June 2

02 june 2018, 15:05 by Vergil Younge

Important EOS News

EOSIO 1.0 Release

The very anticipated day has finally come, as announces that EOSIO open source blockchain software is ready. EOS won't be Ethereum-depended anymore. The release explains: "This software enables businesses to rapidly build and deploy high-performance and high-security blockchain-based applications." This change brings a full room of possibilities, updates to come and interesting features. It is designed to include features like Free Rate Limited Transactions, Low Latency Block confirmation (0.5 seconds), Scheduled Recurring Transactions and many more. The full list can be found on site.

EOS ERC-20 token holders are reminded to check the token distribution section of the EOSIO website for details on how complete the important process to register their Ethereum addresses in order to claim the new tokens on EOS own blockchain., SVK Crypto Jointly Launch US$50m EOSIO Fund

SVK Crypto is an industry-leading, London-based investor in blockchain technologies. Together with they partnered to launch $50,000,000 fund to accelerate the growth and development of the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem. It will invest in projects that are building on the EOSIO blockchain platform, with a focus on decentralized applications (DAPPs) for social media, data ownership, data control, technology platforms, supply chains and logistics. This includes established or early-stage companies that have started exploring EOSIO or are building software on the platform.

EOS Price Analysis

At the end of May we can notice the uncertainties before the important mainnet launch. There was also some rumours and then news about serious problems with the code. Only few days before the launch, developers have found serious flaws which extorted could easily lead to a disaster and losses of millions of dollars. offered $10,000 as a reward for anyone who will find any concerning bug in the code, which lead to thousands of fans and amateur as well as professionals to take a look at the open source code. The price felt the risk of failed launch and dropped to $10.96.

The price then recovered to $12.50 just to fall again to $11.85. Many holders might have sell their EOS afraid of what may come after the mainnet. The price fluctuated around $12 mark. Today, June 2nd EOSIO officially announced the end of ICO phase and release of the network. We can easily notice that it has met with lots of promising positivity on the crypto market, as the price set off for the highs.

EOS/USD Price Chart, Saturday June 2nd:


As the blockchain and smart contract system is now ready we can expect new projects and dapps to be built upon EOS. In case any of them turns out to be at least tiny bit successful, the price of the token will be affected in a positive way. The established fund will only power up the development of new projects. Therefore, there is lot of movement to anticipate. Currently, the launch seems to be going without any notable troubles and the price will be going up.

After hitting some considerable highs, many investors will most likely dump their coins leading to a short drop, which will be a great possibility for others to get cheaper coins. However, from this moment on without any disaster on the cryptocurrency market, EOS price shouldn't go below $10.

During ATHs, the price was able to exceed $20, which in current circumstances is an easy short term target, which may be even reached within few weeks.

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